Missouri State University

Chase Marable

Student found the formula for success after a semester of learning the ropes

Chase discovered that time management and organization are crucial for success in college

Getting involved on campus

Chase was already familiar with Missouri State when he started attending last fall. He thought knowing the campus would make the transition to college easier for him, but time management and organization played a larger role than he initially thought.

After a rough first semester of juggling time commitments, Chase unified his schedules, designated time for homework, and made the Dean’s list in the spring.

Chase emphasized that students not only practice good time management but get involved in campus. He said getting involved helped him not only meet new people and find new study buddies but also feel more comfortable and at home at Missouri State.

Mudhouse Coffee in downtown Springfield is Chase’s favorite place to unwind and relax, and he encourages other students to go there to have a great cup of coffee and study.