Safe Walk Procedures

Safe walk

The Safety and Transportation Department provides an on-campus walking service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The use of the Bear Line Shuttle is encouraged. An officer will be radio dispatched to the caller's location. No more than two students will be escorted from the same point of origin to the same campus property destination. Depending on the availability of an officer, safe walks may be delayed at times. For complete information about the Safe Walk service, contact the Safety and Transportation Department at 417-836-5509.

Safe Walks may be provided within the confines of the main campus.*

  • Academic Building to Academic Building
  • Academic Building to Parking Lot and vice versa
  • Academic Building to Residence Hall and vice versa

Downtown Academic Buildings:

  • Morris Center, Park Central Building, Alumni Center, JVIC, Brick City, and Plaster Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Development

Safe Walks may be provided for academic buildings downtown to adjacent campus parking lots and vice versa.

During sudden emergencies, weather, and unusual circumstances, safe walks may be provided when an officer is available.

Students requiring downtown service from the main campus and vice versa may ride the Bear Line Shuttle or call a taxi cab service.

Safe Walk should not be used as a personal taxi service. Offenders will be requested to discontinue using the service and they will be reported to the Dean of Students Office.

*Confines of the main campus refer to the street boundaries:

  • Elm Street to the north.
  • Grand Street to the south.
  • Holland Street to the west.
  • National Street to the east.

Those requesting Safe Walk service should call the Safety and Transportation Radio Communications Center at 417-836-5509.