Academic Posters

Poster size

Posters can generally be thought of as medium, large, and extra-large. Your considerations when choosing a poster size are usually cost, convenience, and symposium requirements. Medium, and large posters generally cost the same; extra-large posters cost extra. If you are going to be traveling to a conference to present your poster, you should consider what size poster tube will fit in an overhead bin or be easily carried on an airplane. If the symposium you are attending specifies certain poster dimensions, you should always respect those requirements.


These free templates meet the MSU brand guidelines. Note that these templates are in color. To make them black-and-white, you can (a) have the poster printed in black-and-white, or (b) remove the colored boxes and leave just the thin maroon lines.

Do I have to use your templates?

No. You can create your own poster from scratch as long as you use Microsoft PowerPoint to create it.

University logos

Missouri State University makes available a variety of university logos and media for students and faculty. To use an official MSU logo on your publication, visit Identity Standards. Click on “Access the marketing toolkit.” You will need to log in with a valid MSU login to see these resources. This same page contains guidelines for how university logos can and cannot be used. Always use the Carrington logo for academics, such as posters. The Bear logo is for athletics only and should not be used on academic posters.

Additional Information

RStats Institute provides design, editing, and set-up services, but does not print posters. For details regarding printing fees and steps to request a poster to be printed, please visit the MCHHS website.
Posters will range from $35 to $45. The prices are the same regardless of paper, color, and color saturation. Posters can be printed in black-and-white or in color. Adding color to a poster generally increases its visual interest. When choosing whether to use color, remember that the purpose of using color should be to enhance your research findings. Posters can be printed on satin paper, glossy paper, or matte paper. It is recommended to use satin paper because it is more aesthetically pleasing. The glossy paper is sometimes too reflective and the matte paper fades easily. 

If you are a MSU student in one of the departments or centers under the McQueary College of Health and Human Services, and you are printing a poster for the annual Student Research Symposium, you can get your poster printed for free. You must send your poster to MCHHS before the deadline, otherwise you pay full price.