Office of the Provost

  • Access to Success

    Missouri State will expand access to educational opportunities and prepare students for successful citizenship and careers in a globally competitive world.

  • Public Affairs Integration

    Missouri State will equip and inspire graduates to engage in global policy issues and creatively apply their education to identify solutions to pressing worldwide challenges.

  • Engaged Inquiry

    Missouri State will pursue research and scholarly activities that enrich the learning experience of students and are responsive to the needs of the region and state.

  • Partners for Progress

    Missouri State will be actively involved in and serve as a catalyst for positive change as an essential partner in improving the quality of life for Missourians and enhancing the economic vitality of the region and state.

  • Valuing and Supporting People

    Missouri State will value and support faculty and staff in the context of a dynamic University setting that engages their full potential in an environment of inclusive excellence.

  • Responsible Stewardship

    Missouri State will honor the public trust by preserving and protecting the University's assets for future generations of students.

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Other News

International Travel Awards

The purpose of International Travel Awards is to provide financial assistance to faculty who will be traveling abroad to advance the university mission, in a manner related to sharing the results of research. Learn more.

Revision of General Education at Missouri State University

Missouri State University Faculty Senate has approved a revised General Education Program that incorporates a new structure of course requirements that will be used to have each student accomplish 15 General Education learning goals, which reflects the character of the University and will prepare our students as 21st Century citizens. The revised program has expanded the Public Affairs Experience type courses (adding courses in Cultural Competence and Public Issues) and more intentionally infused the public affairs mission across the general education curriculum. At the same time, the revision has maintained a similar number of required general education credits. The revised general education is scheduled for full implementation beginning Fall 2014. To learn more about the revised general education program and requirements visit the Revised General Education website.

Faculty Development Website

The purpose of this website is to provide faculty with a central location to access resources that support teaching, research and service, as well as university policies affecting career advancement. Visit the faculty development website.


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