Undergraduate Studies

Large school choices with small school options and personal attention make Missouri State University’s undergraduate program accessible, attractive, and engaging for the 21st century student.

  • Missouri State undergraduate students have a choice of approximately 150 areas of study.
  • If you're undecided, taking core courses and exploring general education requirements and electives will help you to find your passion and place.
  • We are also highly transfer-student friendly.
  • We have a variety of class formats to suit the challenges students may face in getting a college degree.
  • We have numerous opportunities for high impact learning experiences, such as education abroad experiences, service-learning courses, and an Honors College with nationally recognized standards and achievements.
  • We have a state mission in Public Affairs, which distinguishes us among state universities and enables our graduates to make a stronger connection with the community and global society.

Finally, Missouri State is particularly noted for its teaching. We have many internationally recognized scholars in our classrooms, but we still put our teaching first. We emphasize learning—both inside and outside the classroom—that will help you connect your education to the real world, particularly with our Public Affairs mission.