Key Tactics for the Plan

The University will continue to incorporate public affairs into all aspects of University life. The key tactics that will be employed to achieve the objectives of Public Affairs Integration are:

  • Public affairs competencies – These campus-wide competencies will be established and measured to ensure students are benefiting from the public affairs mission.
  • General education – Public affairs targets will be established in conjunction with the new general education plan so that the statewide mission is fully integrated into the curriculum.
  • Distinction in public affairs – This program will be reviewed, evaluated and enhanced.
  • External funding – Policies and reward systems will be adopted that encourage efforts to obtain external funding of all types – research, education and other community projects.
  • Special and co-curricular events – Significant efforts will be made to improve the attendance and tracking of student attendance at special and co-curricular public affairs events. This initiative will begin with the SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration) Program and continue through the college experience.
  • Campus LINK – Utilizing Campus LINK, the co-curricular transcript, students' work in public affairs will be recorded. Students and faculty will be trained on how best to use this resource to increase public affairs participation.
  • Public affairs research – Additional emphasis will be placed on public affairs research, especially at the undergraduate level.
  • Co-op and internships – All departments will be encouraged to provide options for students.
  • Study away – The Study Away Program will be reinvigorated and expanded, and more heavily marketed.
  • Service learning – Steps will be taken to more closely link service learning with identified community needs.