Access to Success

Missouri State will expand access to educational opportunities and prepare students for successful citizenship and careers in a globally competitive world.

Student success, modest growth and increased diversity are key goals for the next five years.

Improved student learning is a priority of the plan, with the overall goal of retaining and graduating higher percentages of students. With Missouri State's selective admissions criteria and average ACT score of 24 for entering freshmen, Missouri State students are bright and capable of achieving at a high level.

A broad array of initiatives are planned to achieve this goal, including a revised general education curriculum, course redesign, improved pedagogy, alternative delivery methods (modalities), additional academic support, expanded assessment and testing, and increased enrollment in targeted fields of study such as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Missouri State has achieved an average annual overall enrollment growth of 1 to 2 percent for the past decade, and the University plans to continue that level of growth during the five years of this plan. Educating more students is in the best interest of the University, the state and the nation.

Increasing diversity has been, is and will continue to be an emphasis. Missouri State students insist upon it. They know the demographics and that we live in a global economy. They understand they will be collaborating with, and competing against, a diverse set of educated people worldwide. They want to have diversity as part of their educational experience.