Student Opportunities and Services

Enjoy a well-rounded education

What we do best: Community engagement.

With internships, clubs and research, you can make a difference while in school.

Student organizations and programs

These groups are a great way to network, meet new friends and preview your future.

A group of physical therapy students picked up trash along the road for a community project.

Get an inside look at the physical therapy profession and aid your community.


A physical therapy student assists another student across a crosswalk during an old age simulation lab.

Want to make big discoveries and get your name out there? You can team up with faculty on research projects.

All students complete at least one research project while in the program, but you’re not limited to just one.

Many students end up as co-authors with faculty in peer-reviewed research journals.

Putting you in the field: Internships and clinical experiences

A physical therapy student instructs a client on how to use a pulley machine.

In the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, you’re placed into settings that elevate your skills.

You’ll conduct assessments of community partners, create interventions for specific client groups, interact with patients and much more.

These student experiences are done through:

  • Pro-bono work at the on-campus Physical Therapy Clinic.
  • Six clinical internships.
  • Integrated Clinical Experiences (ICE), beginning in your second semester.
  • Service-learning projects.

You’ll also have at least one acute care and one rehab experience.

Missouri State faculty and/or licensed physical therapists at your site supervise you.