Become an Ursa Experience Major

2016 Ursa Majors and Minors in large group

Ursa Majors help transition incoming students into Missouri State University and show them how to make their Missouri Statement. Join this tremendous program and family by becoming an Ursa Major. Apply today!

What is the Ursa Experience?

The Ursa Experience is a three-day, two-night off-campus adventure that immerses incoming students in life at Missouri State University. Student participants, called Ursa Minors, form small groups that participate in a wide variety of activities to create connections, inspire MSU pride, and—of course—have fun!

What does an Ursa Major do?

Current student leaders, called Ursa Majors, facilitate small groups of Ursa Minors and represent Missouri State to 250 incoming Bears. As an Ursa Major, you will have a blast while you build friendships with new students and fellow student leaders, mentor new Missouri State students, explore your personal strengths and leadership skills, and so much more!

There are three types of Ursa Major you can apply for:

  1. Small group leader: Pairs of Ursa Majors lead small groups of about 10-12 Ursa Minors through the Ursa Experience. They facilitate small group discussions, participate in activities, and build community, morale, and excitement within their teams.
  2. Large group leader: These Majors lead large group activities, similar to an emcee. They also help organize other aspects of the Ursa Experience and interact with Ursa Minors.
  3. Logistics leader: These Majors assist with essential set-up and behind-the-scenes work, keeping the experience running smoothly. They also assist other Majors, participate in activities, and interact with Ursa Minors.

Position Requirements

Ursa Experience Majors must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for the position:

  • Hold full-time student status for Fall 2018 semester
  • Have completed 60 post-high school credit hours by the completion of the Spring 2018 semester
  • Possess and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Attend the dates of the Ursa Experience: August 12-15, 2018 (Final training day is August 12th).
  • Attend weekly Spring training sessions after Spring break,  either Mondays at 4pm or Fridays at 2:30pm
  • Possess love and enthusiasm for Missouri State
  • Possess knowledge of Missouri State University and campus traditions
  • Demonstrate leadership through current and previous campus involvement

Ursa Major application process

Follow these instructions to apply to become an Ursa Major.

1. Complete the Ursa Major application

Submit your application online by Friday, February 16 at 5:00 PM. We anticipate the application should take candidates 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

2. Attend an interview

Interviews will be held February 26 through March 2nd. Applicants will choose from several available interview times and be interviewed by our staff. Ursa Majors will be selected and notified in early March.

Have questions?

Contact Victoria Rice, Assistant Director for Programs, Office of Student Engagement,  at