Ursa Major Spotlight

Hear from some of our student leaders about how being an Ursa Major impacted them!

Ursa Major spotlight on Sam Buchanan "Being an Ursa Major benefited me because I got extra leadership experience at Missouri State and also got to know a lot of incoming freshmen (more of the Missouri State community), which as a junior I might not otherwise have gotten to know. I also loved sharing my memories and experiences at Missouri State and giving advice to my fellow Bears about their upcoming years!" - Sam Buchanan, junior
Ursa Major spotlight on Ashley Crisafulli"I had the unique privilege of creating the Ursa Experience with Dr. Siscoe and a committee in Student Affairs through my work as SGA director of student affairs. To me, the most rewarding part of Ursa was being able to help cultivate brand new students into Missouri State Bears and watch them grow throughout not only Ursa but the entire school year." - Ashley Crisafulli, Spring 2016 graduate
Ursa Major spotlight on Monique Fahy "Being an Ursa Major has impacted me a ton! Other than leadership skills, I was able to meet and encourage freshmen Bears at the beginning of their Missouri State journey, watch them grow, and see them become more confident people. Nothing feels better than doing something like that!" - Monique Fahy, Junior
Ursa Major spotlight on Will Heideman"Being an Ursa major has been one of my favorite experiences of college so far. I got ot meet so many fantastic people, as well as develop and cultivate leadership skills that I know I will use later on in life." - Will Heideman, sophomore
Ursa Major spotlight on Ashley Thornton"Besides the opportunity for leadership development, being an Ursa Major enforced the sense of community at Missouri State and the importance of continuing traditions and being a Bear." - Ashley Thornton, Fall 2016 graduate
Ursa Major spotlight on Kristin Swanson"Being an Ursa Major not only allowed me to meet some incredible people, but also allowed me to make their transition to Missouri State University a fun and memorable one. The feeling of being able to relate and make a student love this school as much as I do is one I will never forget!" - Kristin Swanson, sophomore
Ursa Major spotlight on Blake Shepheard""Being an Ursa Major allowed me to showcase the University to the top incoming students and help them to get acquainted with being a Bear. It allowed me to build a passion and Bear pride to ensure each Ursa Minor found their place at Missouri State." - Blake Shepheard, senior
Ursa Major spotlight on Lauren Murphy"Being an Ursa Major was one of the best decisions I've made so far at Missouri State! Getting to teach incoming Bears about Missouri State, our traditions, answering any and all questions they have, and helping them get an idea of what they want to get involved in once they're here is so rewarding—and I learned some new things, too. Being a Major has enhanced my leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and in addition I've formed friendships working alongside other Ursa Majors that will last beyond my time at Missouri State!" - Lauren Murphy, sophomore