SOAR Information Inclusion Request Form

Students and families receive packets of information about University units and services upon arrival at SOAR. These packets are included with two publications:

  • 2015 SOAR Handbook CoverStudents receive the SOAR Handbook, containing information about University departments and resources, financial aid and services, University policies, opportunities for involvement and other tips for success while transitioning to MSU.

  • Bear Family Guide coverFamilies receive the Family Guide, containing information about University departments and resources, University policies, parent and family programs and advice for supporting their student through his or her transition to MSU.


Criteria for inclusion in the packet

Information provided in the student and/or family packets must meet the following criteria:

  • Information provided to students must be included as paid SOAR Handbook advertisements (see the “SOAR Handbook advertisements” heading for details). Exceptions may be made for semester-specific information or information unavailable at press time; contact the Director of New Student & Family Programs for exception requests.
  • Information provided to family members can take the form of flyers, brochures, or advertisements in the Family Guide (see the “Family Guide advertisements” heading for details).
  • Promotional items, such as branded pens, bags, give-away items, etc. are welcomed and encouraged. Before ordering items, contact the Director of SOAR to ensure that such items are not duplicated by others.

The following areas may request to include information in the SOAR packet:

  • Missouri State University departments
  • Businesses which have a contractual relationship with the University
  • Associations which represent multiple recognized student organizations, such as Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Activities Council, etc.
  • Student Government Association

Requests for inclusion will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Information/materials provided should clearly contribute to New Student & Family Programs’ mission to assist students in making a successful transition to Missouri State University.
  • Information/materials provided should clearly and directly apply to incoming freshmen. Information or materials more appropriate for upperclassmen will not be included in SOAR packets.
  • Requests from businesses not affiliated with the University, individual student organizations and organizations that do not clearly and directly apply to incoming freshmen will not be provided inclusion.

For more information regarding inclusion of information in SOAR materials, please contact Joe Morris, director of New Student & Family Programs, at or 417-836-7641.

Material costs

You are responsible for the production and delivery of your promotional materials to SOAR. Except for advertisements, no additional costs are incurred.

SOAR Handbook advertisements

Advertisements in the SOAR Handbook are full color and bound into the booklet, which reduces waste and chances of your message being lost or excluded. Advertising space in the student handbook can be purchased at the following rates:

  • Full page (8.5” x 11”): $800
  • Half page (8.5” x 5.5”): $450

When compared to full-color leaflet fliers, advertisements are a cost-effective choice.

Family Guide advertisements

The Family Guide is produced by our partner University Parent Media. Please contact UPM’s marketing department for information about advertising in this publication.


  • Requests for including information in SOAR materials should be submitted by Monday, April 3 at noon. Use the form below to submit your request.
  • The deadline for receipt of SOAR Handbook advertisements is Monday, April 3 at noon. Instructions for submitting advertisements will appear on the page confirming your request submission.
  • The deadline for receipt of any approved physical materials for inclusion (such as forms, giveaways, etc.) is Monday, May 22 at noon. No additional items will be included in SOAR materials after this date. 


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Select Both if the same material will be given to students and family members. Please submit an additional request if materials will differ between audiences.

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