Program Requirements

Certificate requirements

Required courses - 18 hrs
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
KIN 739 Principles of Sports Management 3 hrs
KIN 780 Legal Aspects in Sports, Physical Education, Recreation and Wellness Programs 3 hrs
KIN 733 Current Problems in Sports Administration 3 hrs
KIN 798 Field Experience 6 hrs
Select a course from the MPS Core in Finance/Budgeting/Economics 3 hrs
KIN 798 Field Experience - 6 hrs

The field experience is the culminating activity for all students in the certificate program. It should be planned (in consultation with the sports management advisor) in advance of the semester in which the student desires to register for the experience. Before the experience can begin, the student must complete the application process and the 12 credit hours required in the certificate program.

Requirements for completion of certificate
  1. Completion of required courses.
  2. Completion of the field experience.
  3. Maintain a GPA of 3.00
  4. Successful completion of a research or capstone experience will serve as the student's comprehensive examination.