The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

Description: As the countries of the world become more interdependent, the Robert Bosch Foundation recognizes the importance of familiarizing American professionals with the political, economic, and cultural environment of Europe and of the Federal Republic of Germany. To further this goal, and to strengthen the ties of friendship and understanding between the United States and Germany, the foundation sponsors a fellowship program that enables young American professionals to participate in an intensive work and study program in Germany. Although a prime goal of this program is the advancement of transatlantic relations, it also contributes to the participants' professional competence and expertise, and broadens their cultural horizons.
The program provides young American professionals (ages 23-34) with two high-level work placements in the federal government and private sector in Germany. Three seminars taking place throughout Europe provide an in-depth understanding of issues facing Germany and the European Union today. Candidates are competitively chosen from the fields of business administration, economics, journalism, law, political science and public policy.
Dollar Value: Varies
Number of Scholarships: There are 20 fellowships awarded each year.
  • /Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
  • /Applicants must be between the ages of 23 and 34 at the application deadline.
  • /Ideal candidates have a Master's degree (or a JD), professional experience in one of the application fields of business administration, economics, law, journalism/mass communications, public policy, and political science.
Application Procedures: Must turn in a complete application, which includes the application form, a personal statement (maximum of two pages and 850 words), a resume, official university transcripts, and two letters of recommendation.
Deadline: October 15, 2013
Mr. Christopher Wymbs
CDS International, Inc.
871 United Nations Plaza
(First Avenue at 49th Street)
New York, NY 10017-1814
Phone: 206-221-6023
Fax: 206-616-3554
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the application deadline for the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program?
All application materials are due mid-October.
What is the duration of the Fellowship Program?
The program runs from September 1 through May 31 of the following year. Many fellows are required to travel to Berlin as early as June to complete intensive language training, bringing the program duration to one year.
How competitive is the program?
We receive an average of 300 applications for the 20 fellowships.
What should the personal statement include?
A personal statement (maximum 2 pages and 850 words) that describes short and long-term career plans, interest in transatlantic relations, and personal objectives for the proposed stay in Germany. It is essential that there is a description of the experience hoped to acquire in the seminars and the work phases of the Bosch program, proposing institutions and/or companies for both work phases.
Who should write the letters of recommendation?
Anyone who has worked closely with the applicant in the recent past may write letters: an employer, a professor who supervised research or taught class, etc. The Foundation wants to know about the applicant's professional ability and personality. Letters of recommendation should be addressed to whom it may concern, or to the selection committee members.
When are decisions made?
Pre-selection takes place in November; applicants will be notified via post by mid- December. Please do not call CDS, as notification will only be made by mail. Final selection for the 2008 - 2009 Bosch Fellowship will take place in New York City in January 2008, exact dates TEA. Exceptions are not possible.
Who arranges the two work phases?
hi general, the Robert Bosch Foundation arranges the stages in cooperation with the fellows, who are responsible for identifying any ministries or companies where they would like to work. However, fellows are encouraged to make their own contacts and advise the foundation in this matter.
Can candidates work a second job in Germany while on the Fellowship?
A second occupation is generally not permitted. Any exceptions require the approval of the Robert
Bosch Foundation.
Can candidates bring their spouse? Can he/she work in Germany while there?
Yes, a spouse may accompany the fellow and the fellow will receive an additional monthly subsidy. The spouse may accept an offer of employment in Germany, but the fellow must notify the foundation about status changes of this sort immediately.
Does the program cover health insurance or other types of insurance?
The Robert Bosch Foundation insures the fellow and an accompanying family members with a
comprehensive sickness, accident and liability insurance.