Fluorescent Lamps

Spent fluorescent lamps are classified as a “Universal Waste”, however, any lamps that are broken become a hazardous waste. (See Broken Fluorescent Lamps)

Spent lamps can be accumulated either in the original box in which the lamps were received or in cardboard cylinders provided by the disposal company. Packing instructions as provided by the disposal company are provided below.

Spent lamps are accumulated in two areas on campus in preparation for shipping. One is in the Stores Area of the Central Stores and Maintenance building and the other is in the hazardous waste storage area of the same building. Custodial Services and Residence Live & Services also accumulate spent lamps in designated areas within several buildings on campus.

A completed “Universal Waste” label must be provided on all accumulation containers. The accumulation start date must be provided. The containers must be kept closed at all times except when adding lamps. A single strap of tape is satisfactory during accumulation or cardboard “caps” may be used. After the container is filled and before being taped closed, the number and the length of lamps should be provided on the upper right hand part of the label.

The Director of Environmental Management can be contacted at 6-8334 or EnvironmentalManagement@missouristate.edu for assistance or for obtaining containers for accumulating spent lamps.