Stormwater Management

Springfield Campus

  1. The Springfield campus is sited in Greene County. It is surrounded on three sides by primarily residential property with commercial property adjoining the campus on the north. Drinking water, gas, and electricity are obtained through Springfield City Utilities. Wastewater is discharged into the Springfield sanitary sewage system. Solid waste is disposed of at the Springfield sanitary landfill.
  2. Stormwater from the campus is controlled by stormwater basins located throughout the campus to reduce the rate of stormwater runoff. The stormwater flows into Jordan and Wilson Creeks, eventually entering the James River and Table Rock Lake.
  3. A power plant located on-campus consists of four boilers and generates steam for heating and air conditioning. These boilers predominately combust pipeline grade natural gas with No. 2 diesel oil used as a “back-up” when natural gas supplies are curtailed.
  4. Hazardous waste is generated in several different locations on campus with the majority of the waste being generated in the Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Art departments. The Springfield Campus is a Small Quantity Generator.