Program Development Services

CDR staff stand with members of the Omaha Tribe.The CDR has a 10+ year history of developing lasting community programs to address a variety of conflict and communication issues. Our experience with program development – and our knowledge of the associated challenges and pitfalls – makes the CDR an ideal partner for organizations that wish to develop their own conflict programming.

The CDR can provide consultation services on a number of program-development topics, including:

  • Partnerships between  court and community organizations
  • Volunteer solicitation and development
  • Creation of appropriate forms, documentation, and training materials
  • Provision of initial training for program personnel and/or volunteers
  • Community education and engagement
  • Program promotion, and more.

The CDR can provide expert training that is customized to fit an organization’s individual program criteria on topics that include:

  • Workplace mediation
  • Victim-offender mediation
  • Victim-impact panels
  • Family group conferencing and/or family group decision-making
  • Talking circles and/or restorative circles


To discuss the CDR’s program development services in depth, please contact the CDR at 417-836-8831 or