Video Production

Video production team at workVideo production is available to university units. Visual media can provide filming, editing and final production of your videos. Approved video projects will meet the goals and objectives of the division of marketing and communication.

Each project varies based on different client's needs; rates vary depending on the shoot time, editing requirements, design work, crew requirements, etc.

The following is to be used as a guide only.


Scheduling of a videographer is dependent on videographer availability and the number of projects currently scheduled.

Please contact visual media as early as possible to ensure scheduling of a videographer.

Production rates

  • Single camera filming: $75/hour (includes setup time, one camera operator and camera)
  • Two camera filming: $100/hour (includes setup time, two camera operators and two cameras)
  • Editing: $50/hour (includes audio and video editing, color correction, etc.)
  • Design: $40/hour (includes the creation of any graphical elements)
  • Animation and compositing: $75/hour (includes creating animations, effects, etc.)
  • Pre-production services: $25/hour (includes assistance with script writing, interview questions, and scheduling of talent)


Posting of any completed video to the Missouri State YouTube channel or Missouri State on iTunes U is free of charge. All elements in a video must have the proper copyright clearance before they will be uploaded to either YouTube or iTunes U.

Completed videos can also be provided as a digital copy, or on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.