Curriculum for 2018-2019

Month Focus Date Location
July Communications, Collaboration and Teambuilding July 13, 2018 TBA
August Experiencing the Physical Campus August 10, 2018 TBA
September Learning about the President, Athletics, Information Services and Athletic and Entertainment Venues September 28, 2018 TBA
October Visiting the Mountain Grove and West Plains Campuses October 5, 2018 Mt.  Grove/WP
November Learning about Academic Affairs I November 8, 2018 TBA
December Learning about Academic Affairs II December 6, 2018 TBA
January Customer Service at Missouri State January 11, 2019 MDI
February Learning about Student Affairs February 8, 2019 TBA
March Learning about Research and Development and International Programs/University Advancement March 29, 2019 TBA
April Learning about Administrative Services April 18, 2019 TBA
June Leadership and Your Role in Improving the University June, 2019 TBA