Title IX Training Resources Available to You on Campus

Missouri State University provides a number of Title IX training resources.

Green Dot bystander intervention

Green Dot is a bystander intervention program set to permanently reduce power-based personal violence (sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking) on our campus and in our community. This inclusive program's goal is to create two new campus norms: (1) Violence isn't tolerated on our campus and our community, and (2) Everyone is expected to do their part. 

Recognizing distressed students

The Counseling Center provides programming and services to support the University community through individual and group services. The brochure Recognizing Distressed Students can assist you in identifying a student in distress, what you can do to assist and subsequent procedures.

Understanding sexual assault

Not Anymore (Sexual Assault Awareness Training) addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country. Those with disabilities who may not be able to access this training because of the instructional format or design of the training program may request an accommodation by contacting the Disability Resource Center at drc@missouristate.edu or 417-836-4192.

For additional information please contact Dean of Students Office at 417-836-5527.