Share a student’s achievement through Merit.

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At Missouri State University, we’re proud of our students and all the great things they do every day. To showcase their achievements, we use Merit to publish stories about them. These include accomplishments such as:

  • Landing an internship.
  • Presenting at a conference.
  • Publishing or presenting a research project.
  • Receiving a scholarship.
  • Studying abroad.
  • Winning an award.

If you’re a Missouri State student with an achievement to share or someone who would like to provide a story suggestion on behalf of a student or group of students, please use this Merit contribution form

Here's how to fill out the contribution form (PDF). Once you submit your form, we’ll review and the story will be published if there are no issues.

Access Missouri State's stories on Merit

How Merit works

Each student gets to customize a personal page. When a story is published about them, it gets added to their page.

The story also gets distributed to hometown newspapers, local officials and high school counselors.

This is one way we show pride in our students’ achievements. It’s also a good recruitment tool as our students and their families share these accomplishments on their social media accounts and beyond.

Any questions about Merit?