Event Planning Checklist

Op11.04-2 Event Planning Checklist

When planning an event at Missouri State University, there are several steps an organization should take to maximize the event's success. This checklist covers pre-planning, planning and publicity for events.

Policies regarding campus events

Primary contacts

  • For assistance in developing a public relations plan for larger events involving off campus participants, contact the office of strategic communication at 417-836-6397.
  • For assistance in selecting a date, time and location for your event and to reserve space and/or make catering requests, contact the office of event and meeting services at 417-836-5653.


  • Review the university's master calendar.
    • Try not to schedule your event at the same time as another event that might involve the same potential audience.
    • Try not to schedule public events on major religious holidays.
  • Do not take any additional action until you have reserved space for your event.

Event planning

Events in Plaster Student Union

  • Contact event and meeting services at 417-836-5653 to check availability of appropriate-sized room.
  • Reserve room and make requests for catering (if needed) with event and meeting services. The reservation forms are available online or in the event and meeting services office, located in Plaster Student Union, Room 302

Other inside events

Outside events

  • Contact event and meeting services to check availability of outside spaces. You will be asked to complete an Outdoor Activities Request form.
    • Request podium, chairs, power, etc. that are needed for event.
    • Fill out a catering form if you wish to serve food at the event.
  • Contact classroom instructional technology to request technical support (such as sound systems).
  • If you need tents for the event, maroon and white tents may be rented from Action Tent Company. The cost is $100 per tent for set up and tear down. Call 417-864-8449 to reserve tents.
  • If the carillon bells would be disruptive during your event, or to request a special performance on the carillon, contact Jeremy Chesman by email.
  • Make a back-up plan in case of bad weather.

For all events

Publicizing your event

  • Define your target audience.
  • Decide how you will notify them of your event.
  • As soon as your event date/time is finalized and the room has been reserved:
    • Submit the event to the online master calendar. The online calendar:
      • Provides information to campus and community members
      • Is the source for information about campus events that is sent to the media
      • Will feed information to Student E-bulletin and Faculty/Staff E-bulletin
  • Contact the office of strategic communication at 417-836-6397 if you need assistance developing a public relations plan for the event.
  • Contact creative services at 417-836-4142 if you need to have invitations, posters, fliers, brochures, etc. printed for the event.

At least two weeks before the event

  • If the event involves at least two homepage audiences, request a button on the university homepage -- fill out at promo button request form.
  • Contact associations, groups, businesses that might be interested.
  • Contact the office of the chief of staff at 417-836-8500 if you plan to involve any elected official, political candidate or VIP in the event.