September 2, 2010 Agenda

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of August 5, 2010 Minutes

4. Guest Speaker

a. Mary Ann Wood - Public Affairs Spotlight

b. Konya Knackstedt – Cookbook Fundraiser

5. Old Business

6. New Business

a. Removal of Senator

b. Recreation Center Fee Proposal

c. HR Orientation Schedule

d. Possibility of a Second Philanthropy

7. Financial Report

8. Committee Reports

a. Executive Committee – Tabitha Haynes

b. Bylaws – Cathy McFall

c. Membership – Cathy McFall

d. Budget and Priorities – Tabitha Haynes

e. Scholarship – Corbin Campbell

f. Public Affairs – Mary Ann Wood

g. Denim Day – Cathy McFall

h. Public Relations – Dale Moore

i. Staff Activities

j. Recreation Center Fee – Erin Parrish

k. Sick Leave Bank – Lenord McGownd

9. Other University Committee Reports

a. Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee – Casey Comoroski

b. Faculty Senate – Teresa Steele and Michael Frizell

c. Master Planning Committee – Tabitha Haynes

d. Public Arts Committee – Marian Green

e. University Budget Committee – Tabitha Haynes

f. Wyrick Commission – Teresa Steele

g. Long-Range Plan Steering Committee – Dale Moore

10. Announcements

a. Parliamentary Procedure

Next meeting: October 7, 2010, 1:30PM, PSU 313