Staff Senate Budget Requisition Form

Each year, the Staff Senate receives an annual budget that its various committees may use in support of their missions as well as the purpose and objectives of the Staff Senate (see the Staff Senate bylaws). The chairperson of the Staff Senate is accountable to the Missouri State administration for funds spent or requested by the Staff Senate.

Applying for Funds from the Staff Senate Budget

The size of the Staff Senate budget is small, and the amount of funds available to the various committees is limited. Therefore, the Budget Guidelines and Request Form was created

  1. to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of these funds to the various committees that plan projects, and
  2. to allow Staff Senate to request additional funds for the Staff Senate budget to support outstanding projects.

Staff Senate Committees needing to request funds should complete and submit the Budget Guidelines and Request Form to the Executive Committee. Before planning an event, committee members can also view the Staff Senate Event Planning Packet, which provides guidance and offers suggestions for creating successful Staff Senate events. A checklist for event planning is also included in the packet.