May 2nd, 2013 Staff Senate Minutes


Meeting Date: May 2nd, 2013

Presiding Officer: Dixie Williams

Members in attendance: Dixie Williams, Andrea Weber, Scott Fiedler, Kelly Cara, Sandra Johnson, Teressa Arnette, Holly Robison, Charles Schoneboom, Erin Trotter, Steven Turner, Matthew Stublefield, Christina Bowles, Yvette Medley, Gary Stafford, Kathy Gibson, Ryan Reed, Sandra Arthur, Allison Overmyer

Members Absent (Excused): Andrew Garton, Brenda Stewart,

Members Absent (Unexcused): Catherine Beck, Kirk Whittington

Guests in Attendance: Ryan Tanner Wilson - Computer Services, Janelle Melton - Honor's College

Call to Order:

Meeting called to order at 11:02 am

Approval of Agenda:

Motion to approve, second. Agenda Approved with no changes.

Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve, second. Minutes from April meeting approved with no changes.

Chair’s Report

  • Removal of a Senator: Per the bylaws, anyone with 3 unexcused absences can be removed from Staff Senate by the Executive Board. Corbin Campbell has 5 unexcused absences. The board has voted to remove him from Staff Senate. Corbin has been contacted.

  • Senator Attendance: Dixie discussed attendance. Reminder that senators should notify us prior to the meeting if they cannot attend, and should really try to send a proxy if possible. Multiple unexcused absences still cause a problem because your area is not represented.

  • Paula Vinson: not able to attend today. May come next month to talk about an international student mentor program.

  • Executive Board Election: Chair Elect elections first. 3 year term – chair elect, chair and then past chair. Call for additional nominations: no additional nominations. Ballot includes Scott Fiedler and Ryan Reed. Scott Fiedler elected as Chair-Elect.

  • Director of Staff Relations – applications being taken until May 23rd. This position coordinates all the committees on Staff Senate. Lots of work/time needed at the beginning of the year, slows down as the year goes on. Also coordinates the constituent lists. Would also be part of the executive board and would meet monthly with the board and with the President.

  • Scott Fiedler Declines nomination as Secretary/Treasurer since he was elected as Chair Elect. Christina Bowles nominated – accepted. Nominations closed. Reminder – this may now be a two-year term if the bylaws pass. Kelly Cara and Christina Bowles on the ballot. 8-8 Tie vote. Deciding vote cast by Dixie. Kelly Cara is elected Secretary/Treasurer and Christina is strongly encouraged to apply for Director of Staff Relations.

  • Discussion of Senator nominations and elections. Motion to extend nominations for one additional week to gather more nominations for Job Family 3. Motion seconded, approved.

Chair Elect’s Report

  • Lee Denim Day Report: There have been questions regarding how Lee uses the money we donate for Lee Denim Day. Andrea has contacted Lee, but she has not yet received a response. There will be a meeting soon where we will we determine if we will continue with this organization..

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

  • Financial Report: Staff Senate operations budget: $281.21, Staff Activities budget $840.84. Foundation account balance will be reported in the Scholarship Committe report.
  • Senator Elections: Reviewed the list of nominees with the Staff Senate. It was agreed that we extend nominations for one week to get more interest in job family 3. Election website will be built the following week, and elections will run through the end of May 2013. All nominees will be asked to keep the June meeting date open so they can attend our transitional meeting if elected.

Director of Staff Relations Report

  • No report this month

Committee Reports

  • Bylaws Committee – Kelly Cara
    • See Old Business
  • Denim Day Committee – Andrea Weber
    • See Chair Elect Report
  • Public Affairs Committee – Gary Stafford
    • Relay for life coming up on April 19th. We are still accepting both team members and nominations. Ryan will shave his head if his group raises $100.00. There are currently 4 on the staff senate team. We are still hoping for additional members to join.
  • Public Relations Committee – Brenda Stewart
    • No report this month

  • Scholarship Committee – Andrew Garton
    • The recent luncheon raised $800.00 with about 250 people in attendance. The current balance of the Foundation account is #3,533.13.
  • Staff Activities Committee – Chair Needed
    • Janelle Melton – Staff Appreciation Night at Tent Theatre is ready. Tickets are going on sale. Janelle will coordinate tickets. Flyers were handed out. Performance is Tuesday, June 11th. Desert only reception.

  • Staff Excellence in Service Awards Committee – Matthew Stublefield
    • No report
  • MSU Administrative Professional Forum Committee – Sandy Johnson
    • First forum May 29th . Information on the website. Matthew Stublefield will be presenting. Working smarter with your computer. Set up to register through My Learning Connection. Brown Bag event with snacks.
    • Early August forum will be on conference services and catering.
    • Next meeting May 22nd. There is a request for a forum on Diversity and inclusion. Diversity task force would like to do something to help everyone meet ADP requirements and grow in this area.
    • They will try to do 2 forums per semester

Old Business

  • Bylaws: Voting today for the proposed bylaws change. Two different options were presented regarding how to fill a vacant seat. Both options were discussed. Ryan Reed called the question. Second by Christina. Option #1 passed.

New Business

  • Chair’s Term: Andrea’s term as senator is ending, but she is chair next year. We need a motion to approve an extension of her term as staff senator so she can serve as chair next year. Motion, second. Motion passed.


  • Holly Robison has suggested a new project for the staff activities committee. Kelly has discussed the idea with the executive board, and they want to do some additional research before moving forward with it.


  • Meeting adjourned at 11:57am.