July 1, 2010 Minutes

1. Call to Order – Tabitha Haynes called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on July 1, 2010 in PS 315ABC

2. Roll Call

Present: Tabitha Haynes, Michael Frizell, Marian Green, Sandra Arthur, Cindi Barnett by Proxy (Andrea Weber), Corbin Campbell, Donald Clark, Sandra Johnson, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr by Proxy (Steve Talley), Cathy McFall, Erin Parrish, Holly Robison, Teresa Steele, Matthew Stublefield, Dixie Williams, Mary Ann Wood, Kyle Yates, Jacob Swett

Absent: Janelle Melton, Debbie Casada, Dale Moore, Terry Plank, Jaimie Trussell, Kirk Whittington, Cynthia Hail

Guests: Peggy Preston, Kelly Barnts

3. Approval of June 3, 2010 Minutes – Minutes approved pending revision of the spelling of Holly Robison’s last name and showing Kelly Barnts as proxy for Corbin Campbell

4. Old Business

Cardinals Game – We sold around 525 tickets and plan to do this again next year since there was such a good response. Since the game was rained out, those who purchased tickets can exchange them for another game between now and August 30th.

5. New Business

a. Committee Sign-up – Senators need to serve on at least two committees per year. We need a chair for the following committees: Denim Day, Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Staff Activities. A sign-up sheet will be sent around. You do not have to be a senator to serve on a committee or chair a committee.

At our last meeting, Cindi Barnett suggested a committee to look at and propose ways the Recreation Center Staff/Faculty Fee should be handled. Erin Parrish and Matthew Stublefield volunteered to be on this committee. Erin Parrish will chair.

b. Staff Senate Shirts – Staff Senate is going to purchase polo shirts for all current senators to be worn to various events to represent and promote Staff Senate. Each year after this, shirts will be purchased for incoming senators only. After a discussion of colors, senators chose a maroon shirt with white embroidery at a cost of $13-$15 each.

Nadine Jones asked if senators could purchase their own shirt to save the Staff Senate budget. If senators want to do this, that is fine. Kelly Barnts asked if past senators could purchase shirts. Yes, past senators can purchase shirts.

There was discussion about putting the senator’s term years on the shirt, but it was decided this was not a good idea. If a senator does not fulfill their term or stays on for a second term, the dates would not be accurate – among various other reasons.

c. Staff Senate Newsletter – Staff Senate will start a monthly newsletter to be sent out after our meetings. The newsletter will be on our blog and be similar to the Provost’s Communique. We will do a senator spotlight each month to recognize and introduce the senators – the first spotlight will be Michael Frizell. A link to the minutes, website, etc. will be included. If you have anything to go in the newsletter, let Tabitha know.

d. Bear Crew and House Calls – Senators are encouraged to participate this year.

e. Super Singers – Super Singers is a group of about 17 faculty and staff that were going to sing the National Anthem at the Cardinals game for MSU Staff and Faculty Appreciation Night. In further discussion with the group, they are interested in singing at other University functions such as athletic games, Staff Awards, Denim Day Luncheon, etc. If anyone is interested in being part of this group, contact Peggy Preston. Information will go on the website and in the newsletter.

6. Committee Reports

a. Bylaws – No report.

b. Membership – Kate Mendenhall resigned just before this meeting. The Chair recommended Andrea Weber to fill this position as there were no other applicants. Motion made by Cathy McFall, Seconded by Dixie Williams. Approved.

c. Budget and Priorities – No report. There have been no meetings since this is the first day of the new term.

d. Scholarship – No report.

e. Public Affairs – Looking for a new Chair. Street clean on Saturday, June 19th. We need to do two more this year.

f. Denim Day – Looking for a new Chair. Most of the work has been completed already.

g. Public Relations – No report.

h. Staff Activities – Looking for a new Chair. Dixie sent out approximately 25-30 emails to local businesses to get donations for Dr. Cofer’s welcome basket. Has already gotten donations from Andy’s and Silver Dollar City.

7. Other University Committee Reports

a. Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee – No report. Casey Comoroski is a co-chair of this committee and reported to Tabitha Haynes that she will update Staff Senate of the meeting dates for the upcoming year when they are set. This committee only meets a few times a year.

b. Faculty Senate – No report. No Faculty Senate meetings during the summer.

c.Master Planning Committee – No report. Next meeting is in October.

d. Public Arts Committee – No report. Committee has not met.

e. University Budget Committee – No report. Committee has not met.

f. Wyrick Commission – No report. Committee has completed work for the year and will not have anything until next year.

g. Long-Range Plan Steering Committee – No report.

8. Announcements

  • As of July 1, The Office of Disability Services changed to the Disability Resource Center.

Dixie Williams made a motion to adjourn at 2:20PM, seconded by Matthew Stublefield.

Next Meeting: August 5, 2010 at 1:30PM, PSU 313.