Missouri State University - West Plains
William Cole

William Cole

  • Hometown: Thornfield, MO
  • Academic Program: Associate of Applied Science in Computer Graphics and Programming

Student Spotlight: William Cole

"The faculty and staff want to make sure that I'm successful." 


Why did you choose to attend Missouri State-West Plains?  Mainly because of the ASCEND Program (for students with autism), but also because it’s a small campus.

How would you describe your experience here?  Overall, it’s been a great experience. There have been some challenges but with the help of Mrs. Mikayla and Mrs. Mandy we have overcome them.

What has been your favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains?  The eSports team. It has allowed me to meet a lot of new people, including a great coach and mentor in Mr. Pinnon.

What has been your favorite course?   Public speaking is my favorite course because it has allowed me to work on my social skills while also learning how to give a speech.

How have faculty and staff helped you during your time at Missouri State-West Plains?  They have taken the time to slow down the courses to make sure that I get all the information that I need. They want to make sure that I’m successful.

How did you choose your major? I chose my major based on something that I enjoy.

What have you learned from the computer graphics and programming department that will help you succeed in your education, career or life?  Mr. (Jacob) Poullette has taught me that things don’t always come easy but take your time and you’ll figure it out. Mr. (Frank) Priest has taught me to reread everything to make sure I get the information.

What are your plans after graduation?  To find a job in computer graphics programming or in graphic design.