Transfer Credit

The School of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences does not grant credit for either life or work experience in lieu of any required social work course or the practicum.

The MSW policies and procedures concerning transfer of credits in the MSU Graduate Catalog states:

  • The MSW Program will consider transfer credits for core courses only from accredited graduate schools of social work. 
  • A maximum of 12 graduate hours from such Programs may be accepted if taken at the Foundation level. No transfer course work will be accepted for classes taken at the Concentration Level. 
  • Elective credit may be transferred from other social work Programs or from Programs related to social work (i.e., psychology, counseling, public health, etc.). 
  • Elective courses must have been taken within 5 years of entering the MSW Program in order to count toward the degree requirements.  

After a prospective student has been accepted for admission, the Graduate Admissions Committee will determine the amount of acceptable transfer credit (up to the maximum credit allowed) following a review of official transcripts, catalog descriptions, and course syllabi.  Primary emphasis is on assessing whether the objectives and content of transfer courses matches those of required Missouri State University courses.  No transfer credits for core courses or electives will be accepted if the student earned less than a "B" or took the class more than 5 years prior to enrolling in the MSW Program.