Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

The faculty and staff of the department of public health and sports medicine (PHSM) are dedicated to the process of leading and supporting inclusivity efforts at the university, through continual learning, reflection, and collective growth.

We support student success through the lens of the university public affairs mission of ethical leadership, cultural competence, and community engagement.

We value developing and sustaining an environment of belonging for our students, faculty, and staff. Furthermore, we are committed to supporting diversity of worldviews across a variety of groups, including race and ethnicity, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientations, (dis)ability status, age, gender and gender identities, body size and shape, military status, national origin, and political beliefs. Through doing so, our department will be one in which all members can thrive, academically and personally.

Initiatives to support inclusive excellence

We recognize a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic environment enhances the educational experience for all students as well as supports high quality research and service activities. As a result, we have taken the following steps to support inclusive excellence for students and faculty:

  • Attend university trainings, conferences, and small group sessions related to inclusivity and fostering belonging for all students.
  • Utilize a variety of methods to bring diversity to students’ educational experiences.
  • Incorporate instructional teaching methods and strategies to meet different learning styles.
  • Participate in peer review of course materials to evaluate inclusivity in teaching and instructional practice (Quality Scorecard via Sharepoint).
  • PHSM department representatives for the McQueary College of Health and Human Services (MCHHS) Inclusive Engagement Council provide opportunities for enhancing knowledge and skills in inclusive practices.
  • Eliminated the GRE exam from all PHSM graduate programs.
  • Removed financial barriers in the application process for undergraduate programs. (Reducing Financial Barriers Poster Presentation via Sharepoint).
  • Initiated a campus-wide, multi-disciplinary research study that explores how weight stigma influences students’ academic and extracurricular choices.

Our efforts, along with efforts from the Missouri State University and MCHHS provide education and actionable steps to welcome, support, and respect all members of the university community, regardless of background or experiences

Missouri State University Campus Resources for Inclusivity and Success

Professional resources

Additionally, PHSM faculty utilize resources from the following department-affiliated professional organizations that support inclusive excellence and cultural competence: