Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre (TD)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

This major is offered in cooperation with the Department of Music.

The primary objective of this program shall be the development of the singer/actor/dancer who possesses a strong foundation in the requisite skills to pursue a career as a performing professional in musical theatre, including "book" musicals and variety productions.

Admission requirements

In addition to the University's admission requirements, students are required to audition for acceptance to the BFA in Musical Theatre program prior to the first semester of course work in the major. Auditions and interviews for a place in the program are held on campus in February of each year. Specific information as to the date and the process is available through the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Performance reviews

In addition to the curricular requirements for the degree, students must successfully complete two performance reviews prior to graduation. These include a mid-program review after specified upper-level courses have been completed and an exit review given in one of the two semesters of the senior year.

Major requirements (86 hours):

  1. Acting (14 hours): THE 121(3), 221(3), 321(3), 421(3), 451(2).
  2. Applied Voice (11 hours): MUS 298(0), 498(2-4); and from MUS 153(1), 253(1), 353(1), and 453(1).
  3. Stage Voice and Movement (12 hours): THE 122(3), 226(2), 424(1); and select 6 hours from: THE 185(1), 186(1), 285(2), 385(2), 386(2), 485(1).
  4. History/Analysis (9 hours): THE 130(3); MUS 343(3), 344(3).
  5. Technology (7 hours): THE 150(2), 151(1), 224(1), and select 3 hours from: THE 250(2) and 251(1); THE 255(3); THE 260(2) and 261(1).
  6. Musicianship (7 hours): MUS 103(3), 104(3), 137(1).
  7. Dance (12 hours): DAN 125(2) or 225(2); DAN 130(2) or 230(2); DAN 131(2) or 216(3); DAN 146(2) or 245(3); and DAN 323(2). If necessary, select additional hours from DAN 225(2), 245(3), 345(3), or 348(2) to reach 12 hours in Dance.
  8. Musical Theatre Practicum (8 hours) select from: MUS 193(1), 280(2), 380(2), 480(2); THE 495(1).
  9. Electives (6 hours): choose from Theatre, Music, or Dance courses with approval of advisor.
  10. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of MUS 344(3) and 498(2-4).

GPA graduation requirements:

  1. A grade of "C" or better is required in all MUS courses counted toward the major.
  2. An overall GPA of 2.50 is required for all courses listed under major requirements.

University level requirements:

General Education Program and Requirements

General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements