Strategic Communication and Digital Literacy Certificate

Strategic Communication and Digital Literacy

This certificate is a cutting-edge program in how to address the changing nature of communication for future professionals. Our technologically driven society has changed the way people engage – new concepts like “dis-information”, “alternative facts”, and “fake news” are now obstacles to the search for objectivity. Strategic communication requires knowledge in how to present consistent, ethical information and facts within and between organizations. Students will face situations where some communication techniques fail because parties to a discussion believe their opinion is “truth” and are unwilling to deviate. This program will help students understand and process how to effectively, ethically communicate in an age of information overload, new technologies, and rising polarization.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. Required core: COM 322(3), 413(3).
  2. Six hours from: COM 309(3), 328(3), 336(3), 459(3).
  3. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.

Completion requirement

Attain a GPA of 3.00 or higher in courses used to fulfill the certificate requirements.