Foundations of Interdisciplinary Science


Foundations of Interdisciplinary Science

Bachelor of Science

This minor is designed for students preparing to enter post-graduate studies to become a high school science teacher. This minor does not include courses in teacher education that are required by the state of Missouri for certification as a teacher. Certification requirements can be met through postbaccalaureate programs or master's programs.

  1. Foundational biology competencies: BIO 121(4)* and 122(4)
  2. Foundational chemistry competencies: CHM 160(4), 161(1), 170(3), and 171(1)
  3. Foundational geography and geology competencies: GLG 110(4)* and GRY 135(4)*
  4. Foundational physics and astronomy competencies: PHY 123(4)* or 203(5)* and PHY 124(4) or 204(5). Those seeking earth science certification must additionally complete AST 115(4)
  5. Intellectual Foundations of Science and Technology: SCI 505(3)

*In the Natural World area of General Education, BIO 121 will satisfy Life Sciences requirement while GLG 110, GRY 135, PHY 123, or PHY 203 will satisfy the Physical Sciences requirement. Some additional courses on the list may already be part of major degree requirements.