Acknowledgement and Authorship

Should RStats personnel contribute significantly to any faculty members’ or student’s research project submitted for a conference presentation or publication, RStats should be cited or noted in an acknowledgement statement of their respective contribution.

Should RStats personnel contribute substantially, as defined by the following guidelines, the RStats personnel should be included as a co-author. The following is based upon the NIH Suggested Guidelines for Authorship.

Criteria for authorship; must meet a minimum of two from (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e):

  • (a) Contribute substantially to the concept and design of the study
  • (b) Participate in the execution of the study, via organization, recruitment of participants, testing of participants, and/or technology development
  • (c) Contribute substantially to data management and data analysis
  • (d) Contribute substantially to data analysis interpretation and write-up
  • (e) Contribute substantially to the writing of the manuscript, via review of the literature and/or interpretation of the review of the literature

Primary authorship must include at least two of the above plus the responsibilities of a quality first draft that includes theory development, meeting journal submission requirements, and journal revisions if necessary


The way in which substantial contribution is defined must be carefully considered. It is suggested that authorship, authorship order, and research duties obligations be planned prior to implementing the research project, regardless of RStats personnel involved.