ABD Policies

Op3.05 All But Dissertation (ABD) Hiring Policies

The Office of the Provost supports the hiring of ABD’s for tenure-track positions. The Dean and Department Head must do research and make an affirmative and explicit case that hiring a candidate whose status is ABD is appropriate, but otherwise the decision making should be within the college. 

If the individual does not have the degree in hand and where it can be clearly demonstrated that the person will obtain the degree within the first year of employment, such an individual may be hired as an assistant professor. The expectation of degree completion must be stated on the contract. The Provost can extend the opportunity to complete the degree past the first year of employment; however, there must be extraordinary circumstances that have affected the successful completion of the degree in order for the contract to be extended past the first year of employment in an ABD situation. Failure to obtain the degree during an extension will result in that contract being terminated.  There will be no change in salary for degree completion for assistant professors.

Offers cannot be made to ABD's unless the position advertisement specifically indicates that ABD's will be given consideration. Offers to ABD's need to indicate the information above.