Periodic Review of Department Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Plans

General criteria and procedures for evaluating faculty performance in teaching, research, and service are discussed in Faculty Handbook Sections 3.3.3, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, with additional information relative to each rank in Sections 3.4. According to Section 3.3.3 of the Faculty Handbook, departments are to prepare procedures for evaluating teaching, which are to be reviewed by the department and approved by the College Dean and Provost every three years. Although Section 3.3.3 does not specify that procedures for evaluating research and service also should be reviewed and approved at the same time, it seems reasonable that guidelines in all three areas should be included in these periodic reviews.

These periodic reviews are important because they allow departments to ensure that their criteria are consistent with their goals and objectives for development and achievement by their faculty. Formal approval of the guidelines ensures that evaluations at all levels (department, college, university) will consistently be made within the context of the official criteria. Documentation of review and approval of faculty requirements also is important for accreditation.

Beginning in 2011, the Provost’s Office implemented a process for review and approval of one-third of the academic departments each year. The rotation was based on random selection, with input from the Deans. Evaluation begins at the department level, and then proceeds to the college and university levels.

If you have any questions or require assistance with this project, please contact Chris Craig, Deputy Provost.