General Guidelines for External Reviewers

  1. Qualifications of external reviewers
    1. A reviewer should possess a terminal degree.
    2. A reviewer typically holds an academic appointment; however, individuals may be drawn from research/creative institutes, foundations, organizations or the private sector.
    3. A reviewer should be employed in an institution/program at or above the level of the faculty applicant’s program at Missouri State University.
    4. A reviewer should hold a rank higher than the faculty applicant.

  2. Factors that disqualify potential reviewers
    1. Individuals with whom the faculty applicant has collaborated
    2. Mentors, former professors of the faculty applicant
    3. Individuals with a personal relationship with the faculty applicant
    4. Faculty applicants should disclose any relationship or association with a potential reviewer prior to selection, so as to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Please see the Faculty Handbook for responsibilities for external reviewers. (Scroll down to section