Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures area of the Provost web site contains a number of documents needed by faculty and staff to support instruction, compensation and evaluation, and records and responsibilities.

  • The Instruction link leads to the Academic Integrity Resources section, as well as policies on Disability Accommodations, Cell Phone Use in Classrooms, Course Syllabi/Policy Statements, Adjunct Faculty, and College Workload Policies
  • The Evaluation and Compensation area includes the Compensation Policies, calendar, administrator evaluations, compensation committee information and department plans
  • As colleges at Missouri State University (MSU) advance proposals for program-specific enrollment fees, there are forms used to provide evidence in the proposal application and forms used to demonstrate the outcomes at check points in years following the adoption of program-specific fee.
  • Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures/Activity Insight) helps faculty and administrators in maintaining information generally reflected in faculty vitae