Strategic Enrollment Management

  • Enhance outreach and recruitment efforts. Examples include modifying the undergraduate recruitment strategy, implementing a new customer relationship management system and application for admission, developing recruitment tactics and a data collections and tracking system for dual credit students, improving the university website’s search engine optimization, utilizing career outcomes data and student success stories in communications, and leveraging city and community relationships to enhance messaging.
  • Enhance retention and completion efforts. Examples include identifying and addressing courses with low success rates, holding a Mission Diploma 2.0 program, and leveraging Title III grant funds to enhance assistance and services for first-generation students.
  • Review the university’s scholarship program to assess recently added scholarship programs, evaluate current scholarship policies and requirements, consider new scholarships and revisions to existing scholarships, restructure the scholarship web page and policy information, and evaluate scholarship-related programs and policies.
  • Implement a student loan awareness and overborrowing prevention program and provide financial literacy education and counseling.