Readmission Policy

Op5.01-8 Readmission Policy

This section deals with the issues and concerns related to students who have previously attended Missouri State.

If you are a student who has attended Missouri State University as an undergraduate degree-seeking student and wish to return to MSU in that same classification and you have been out of classes for over one academic year, you will need to reapply to Missouri State. You may use the online reapplication to do this and choose the readmit application. If you have not attended classes anywhere since you left Missouri State, and you completed the admission process when you last attended here, this is all we need in order to process your readmission and get you ready to register. If you have attended classes somewhere since you left here, we will have to have those transcript(s) sent to us so that we can process your application.

The above procedure is also applicable to those students who may have left Missouri State on probation or suspension. You may review the reinstatement policy in the catalog.

If you are a student who attended Missouri State University as a nondegree-seeking student and now wish to reapply as a degree-seeking student, please get an application from the Office of Admissions. There is not a “reclassification” application available on the web at this time. You will be required to meet the admission requirements as a degree-seeking student and provide the Office of Admissions with all transcripts necessary to process your application.

Students who were required to suspend their studies at Missouri State University due to military service will be readmitted to the University with the same academic status following the provision of an attestation of military service to the University’s Office of Admissions. To the extent practical, and consistent with the student’s military orders, students needing to suspend their studies at Missouri State University should notify the Dean of Students Office.

Registration information can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.