University Rules for Speakers and Facilities Usage

Op1.01-1 University Rules for Speakers and Facilities Usage

  1. The use of university facilities for speakers is intended to support the academic mission and is therefore viewed as part of the university’s educational programs. The university retains the exclusive right, through authorized persons and organizations, to determine the appropriateness of speakers scheduled for university facilities. If a speaker is not allowed access to university facilities, that speaker may still have access to university grounds, in accordance with the university’s Expressive Activity Policy.
  2. The university retains the exclusive right to determine the appropriateness of all arrangements required for a speaker appearing in a university facility.
  3. Each university facility (e.g., Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, Hammons Student Center, Coger Theater, Plaster Student Union, etc.) will have separate regulations and procedures for the use of the facility which must be followed for any scheduled event.
  4. Any speaker appearing in a university facility must be sponsored by a registered student organization, university organization or university department. The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that procedures for event scheduling are followed.
  5. Press conferences on university-owned property must be arranged for in advance through the university’s marketing and communications office.
  6. Forums, rallies, picketing and demonstrations are permitted to the extent such forums, rallies, picketing and demonstrations are conducted in accordance with the Expressive Activity Policy.
  7. Individuals entertaining speakers on campus, including in any university facility, are responsible for the proper identification and conformance to rules of the university by such speakers.
  8. All buildings or facilities other than residence halls shall be off limits to students after closing hours with the following exceptions:
    1. Students possessing an “after hours” permit, signed by his/her instructor and department head, stating the building, room number, student name and the times for which the student is cleared.
    2. University student employees who are required to enter the locked buildings in the performance of their duties. The students must be able to validate their employment to campus safety specialists who encounter them in the closed buildings.
    3. Students who are accompanied by department of university safety personnel, university staff members or faculty members.
  9. The following items are prohibited at any forum, rally, demonstration or other similar activity conducted on the campus of Missouri State University, or property owned or controlled by Missouri State University:
    1. Aerosols / pressurized canisters
    2. Ammunition
    3. Animals (other than working Service Animals)
    4. BBQ grills (propane tanks with any open flame)
    5. Bicycles
    6. Body armor
    7. Coolers
    8. Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
    9. Explosives (including but not limited to fireworks)
    10. Firearms
    11. Glass, thermal or metal containers
    12. Helmets
    13. Laser pointers
    14. Liquids (other than water in a factory-sealed, clear plastic bottle)
    15. Mace / pepper spray
    16. Masks
    17. Packages
    18. Selfie sticks
    19. Shields
    20. Signs made from any material other than foam core, cardboard or paper
    21. Structures of any kind including, but not limited to pop up tents and canopies
    22. Supports for signs including sticks of any material
    23. Sticks or bats of any nature composed of any material
    24. Torches
    25. Toy or replica guns
    26. Vehicles (including but not limited to: motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and golf carts)
    27. Wagons or carts that can be pulled
    28. Weapons, as defined by university policy and Missouri Revised Statute § 571.010
    29. Any other items determined by the university, its administration and/or campus security to be a potential safety hazard.

      Individuals found to be with these items will be removed from the expressive activity. Further, violations may result in: removal from campus, police arrest and/or criminal charges. Members of the university community will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. Faculty and staff disciplinary procedures will be processed according to guidelines established in the Faculty Handbook and the Employee Handbook. Students will be subject to procedures established in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Any police arrest and criminal charges of faculty, staff or students are separate from university disciplinary sanctions.
  10. Arrangements for the use of university facilities, including both buildings and grounds, must be made in advance through the event and meeting services office. Meeting rooms and facilities may be reserved by only those student organizations who are properly registered by the university.
  11. Registered student organizations conducting university-related activities off-campus must register them no less than one week in advance with the office of student engagement.
  12. University-funded student travel must be registered in advance with the university office sponsoring the activity. Participating students are subject to the same parameters of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities that are in effect at the university.
  13. The university's campus recreation spaces (e.g. Foster Recreation Center, Hammons Student Center and the Betty and Bobby Allison Fields) are operated during set hours and allow for reservations by members of the university community and outside groups. Use of campus recreation spaces outside of business hours is not permitted.