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Faculty Advisor

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General duties and responsibilites of officers

  • Be knowledgeable of the Society for Human Resource Management and the Missouri State SHRM student chapter
  • Represent the Missouri State SHRM student chapter to the university and community
  • Establish objectives and an operating plan for the chapter year
  • Be committed to the achievement of the chapter plan and the overall success of the chapter
  • Train newly elected officers that will fill officer positions
  • Attend monthly SAHRA meetings
  • Meet regularly with the chapter advisor

Officer position descriptions


  • Presides over all chapter meetings
  • Sends regular notification of chapter meeting dates and notifies chapter members of other events and information as needed
  • Plans chapter meetings and schedules guest speakers
  • Coordinates the activities of other officers and committees
  • Acts as a liaison between the national SHRM organization, SAHRA, and the student chapter
  • Serves on the SAHRA College Relations Committee
  • Files the annual student organization registration form with the Office of Student Activities
  • Attends the annual student organization orientation

Vice President

  • Presides at chapter meetings in the President's absence
  • Documents and keeps a record of chapter activities throughout the year that contribute to the achievement of the Merit Award
  • Prepares and submits the annual Merit Award application
  • Assists the President in coordinating any committees
  • Assists the President on tasks as needed


  • Records minutes at all chapter meetings
  • Prepares the SHRM student chapter newsletter
  • Reserves a meeting room each semester for chapter meetings
  • Obtains parking permits for all off campus guests of the student chapter
  • Assists the President on tasks as needed


  • Collects and records membership dues from chapter members
  • Submits as dues payments and chapter funds to the chapter advisor for deposit
  • Monitors the chapter 's budget and amount of funds available for chapter activities
  • Keeps president and/or chapter advisor informed of the financial condition of the chapter
  • Co-signs checks with the chapter faculty advisor
  • Organizes chapter fundraisers
  • Assists the President on tasks as needed

Specific officer qualifications and duties