September 2014 Minutes

Graduate Student Senate meeting minutes

September 25, 2014
Call to Order: 4:00pm
Attendance: Dr. Camp, Dr. Tomasi, Kevin Richardson, Jordan Patzke, Susan Goddard, Judge Bockman

President - Kevin Richardson

  • Ideas for the year
  • Thank you to everyone who voted in the election
  • 28 total members, up from 17 last year
  • Need professors to make plug in their classes about GSS

Vice President – Jordan Patzke

  • Fundraising
    • Any ideas on a project?
    • Ovations
    • Ideas on getting members to attend meeting?
      • Judge will help make t-shirts to hand out to members
      • Looking to pair up with CASL for community service

Director of Programming – Ngan Truong

  • Potential social events
    • Finals week study room
      • Will provide snack and drinks

Director of Finance – Susan Goddard

  • Looking to propose idea of adding a Graduate Student fee of $1-5 to make a pool of money for professional development opportunities
  • Willing to speak to classes about involvement in GSS

Director of Communications – Becket Duncan

  • Looking into alternate meeting time
  • Meetings will be once a month

General Council

  • Active in discussion
  • Coming up with more ideas for the year

Meeting Adjourned: 5:00pm