March 2013 Minutes

March 20, 2013 Meeting

PSU 315 A & B, 4:00-5:00 PM

  • Co-President Johnathan Saunders calls the meeting to order
  • Johnathan introduces Kirby Williams, candidate for SGA Student Body President
    • One of the issues her and her running mate, Matt, are addressing is getting Boomer meals extended to outside vendors
    • Voting for positions will be from April 9th-11th - Graduate students can vote!
  • SOFAC report:
    • SOFAC is out of money, so there won't be anymore proposals for funds accepted for this academic year.
  • IDF update:
  • There will be a committee meeting soon - watch your emails
  • Abstract deadline is April 7th, so get your abstracts in!
  • Old business:
    • Johnathan will present GSS's position regarding the police presence at tailgating events issue at the EXCEL meeting, as well as thoughts on SAC events regarding how to cater to graduate students.
  • MSU's Pepsi contract is up:
  • RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • More news to come in the next couple of months
  • New Business:
    • Discussion of the new constitution: a lot of changes are name-related and the goal many of the amendments being proposed is to create uniformity within the document.