Withdraw Checklist

We're sorry to hear you will be withdrawing from all Missouri State classes. We hope you can return when the time is right. Please use this checklist to ensure you have taken all necessary steps and to help facilitate a smooth return to Missouri State in the future.

  • Drop Courses: Drops are not allowed after the last day of the drop deadline for the course. Students may find the specific deadlines and refund percentages for their courses through their My Missouri State portal, on the Registration tab, Refund and Drop Deadlines.
  • Contact Financial Aid: About transferring or canceling loans or any changes made to your current financial aid due to dropping courses – if you plan to return to MSU in the future, it is best to see how your financial aid is affected prior to withdrawing from all your courses.
  • Accounts Receivable: Pay any remaining charges you may have.
  • Residence Halls: If you’re living in university housing you must terminate your housing contract with Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services.
  • Textbook Rentals: If you have any textbook rentals, you should return them to the bookstore before or by the end of the current semester.
  • Parking: Parking permits must be returned to the Parking Office by students who wish to receive a refund of the parking permit fee.
  • Library Materials: If you have rented any materials (books, electronics, etc.) from the libraries, you will need to return those items.
  • Meal Plans: Contact the Dining Services Office regarding the refund policy for meal plans which are independent of a housing contract.
  • Bear Pass Card: Students who have a BearPass Card Debit Account must complete a BearPass Card Debit Account Withdrawal form which is available at the BearPass Card Office. This form will cancel the account and authorize a refund of the account balance.
  • Veterans: Recipients of veterans’ benefits must report drops to the Veteran Student Center.
  • International Students: Check in with International Services for information relevant to your visa status.

Transferring to another institution?

  1. Apply to transfer school.
  2. Send transcript to the new school.
  3. Talk with an advisor at your new school about what classes to take.
  4. Update financial aid. Indicate new school on FAFSA.

Coming back to MSU in the future?

If you return within the year, you can contact your assigned advisor to register for the upcoming semester. Note, registration begins in late October for the spring semester and late March for the summer and fall semesters. If you are unenrolled from courses longer than one academic year, you will want to reapply to MSU upon your return.

Pro Tip: Save your Bearpass login and password for easy account access upon your return.