Irshad Manji

How to Practice Diversity Without Division:
The Moral Courage Method® of Communicating

Empathetic communication skills foster trust and generate respect. In both ways, they’re vital to creating a culture of belonging. 

Indeed, says Moral Courage College founder Irshad Manji, communication skills constitute the most crucial element of belonging. When exercised well, they replace a transactional mindset that fixates on what people are (our group labels) with relationships that bring out who people are (our wholeness).

Without appreciating the individual’s wholeness, efforts to foster belonging easily commodify people. An antidote: the "Moral Courage Method" of communicating across differences. 

On April 25, Prof. Manji will deliver an in-person interactive workshop that teaches the five core skills of Moral Courage.

As participants, you'll draw from your own lives to explore the challenge of understanding and being understood in times of growing tension, high emotion, or deep division. You'll leave the workshop with a tangible tool that reinforces the skills learned. 

Most of all, you'll learn how to be heard, even by those who disagree with you.