8872 Coordinator, Utility Billing and Metering


TITLE Coordinator, Utility Billing and Metering






The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator performs responsible supervisory and administrative/accounting work supporting the functions of the Facilities Management – Maintenance Department including personnel who are responsible for the Building Management System (BMS), meter data collection systems, HVAC scheduling, and other HVAC controls functions of the department. The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator schedules the University’s HVAC systems via the BMS in coordination with the University’s academic calendar and Event Management System (EMS). Responsible for planning, scheduling, assigning, and supervising daily maintenance activities for the Energy Management Technicians using the campus computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in coordination with the Utilities Manager. The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator collects energy use data, reviews, and verifies utility bills using the building management software system (BMS), manual meters, utility vendor websites, and the Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software (ECAP) and prepares for review by the Utilities Manager the monthly utility vendor bills and internal bill splits. The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator monitors annual & monthly usage and compares it to previous months to verify the accuracy of meters. The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator assists the Utility Manager by providing data to support the development of long-range plans for upgrading the BMS and Metering infrastructure of the University and assists with the development of the Annual Utility Projections and Budget.


Education/Experience: A bachelor’s degree is required; a bachelor’s degree in business, facilities management, engineering, or a related field is preferred. At least two years of experience in one of the following: utility billing, cost center accounting, database management, building operations or a related field is required. Experience with accounting procedures for accounts payable, invoices, and internal and external billing is preferred. An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Skills: Supervisory skills, particularly the ability to analyze, instruct, and delegate to others, are required. Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills are required. A working knowledge of computer applications, such as database, spreadsheet, presentation, web-authoring, and word processing software is required. The ability to learn new applications and systems is required. The ability to understand budgets is required. Strong organizational, analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills are required. An understanding of utility distribution systems, including how they are configured, and function is required. These systems include but are not limited to District Chilled Water, District Steam, Medium Voltage, Domestic Water and Facility HVAC Systems. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: The ability to lift and transport materials and equipment weighing up to 25 pounds is required. The ability to navigate to read meters located throughout campus is required. The incumbent must be able to move throughout campus, including, utility tunnels, climbing stairs and ladders to inspect work of others. Work is performed indoors and out-of- doors, occasionally in environments that are dusty, noisy, or which could have work hazards.

Other: The scope of the position will require occasional response to emergencies or other unforeseen situations around-the-clock.


1. Monitors the daily operation of the building management systems’ meters via the Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software.

2. Supervises and coordinates with the Power House Supervisor, the monitoring and subsequent daily operation of the District Chilled Water System. Notifies the Utilities Manager of any operational changes.

3. Assists the Utilities Manager with ensuring that the District Chilled Water System is structurally sound, mechanically operational, electrically efficient, and safe by planning, scheduling, and supervising daily and weekly maintenance activities.

4. Contributes to the safe operation of University DCWS Cooling Towers by working with the chemical treatment service contractor and supervising staff who maintain the cooling towers.

5. Works with the Utility Manager to assure the University’s monthly utility bills are processed in a timely manner, reviews utility bills for accuracy, and ensures they are properly allocated. Ensures accurate information is provided to Financial Services and campus stakeholders to allow for proper allocation of costs and payment of utility costs from appropriate budgets.

6. Ensures the Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software application is kept up to date by reviewing the collection and collation of energy and billing data. Updates the Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software to reflect changes to the utility distribution system and the financial accounting system.

7. Assists in maintaining the integrity and security of Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software.

8. Works with the Energy Management Technicians to identify meters that may not be functioning correctly, makes appropriate adjustments in the Energy Management & Utility Bill Paying Software, and ensures meters are returned to a functional and reliable state.

9. Communicates information regarding utility consumption and costs to campus stakeholders as needed.

10. Assists in budgeting for utilities by providing appropriate information regarding annual utility costs for various campus facilities.

11. Works with stakeholders, Financial Services, and utility providers to resolve discrepancies in utility usage or costs in a timely manner.

12. Provides information to the campus community regarding utility consumption and costs, through the website or other appropriate means, to create an awareness of energy use, promote energy conservation, and support campus sustainability efforts.

13. Focuses on customer needs and customer satisfaction, projects a positive customer service environment to both internal and external customers and promotes and encourages an attitude of exemplary customer service and high integrity to all staff within Facilities Management.

14. Develops technically qualified and cooperative staff by supervising, training, and evaluating assigned staff and assuring compliance with university policies and departmental procedures.

15. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and the development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

16. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Utility Manager.

17. Contributes to the overall success of Facilities Management by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Utility Billing and Metering Coordinator is supervised by the Utility Manager and supervises assigned student, full-time, and part-time employees in their area of responsibility and may supervise others as assigned.


APRIL 2022