8780 Maintenance Technician I (Preventative)


TITLE Maintenance Technician I (Preventative)






The Maintenance Technician I (Preventative) responds to both preventative and corrective work order requests.  This position performs semi-skilled maintenance following established procedures and guidelines in the inspection and repair of a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; performs semi-skilled preventative and routine maintenance work using hand and power tools and following established procedures in the construction, repair, maintenance, and alteration of campus buildings and facilities, as well as prepares work sites for repair/maintenance work and returns work sites to a useable condition at the completion of inspections or repair work. 


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent and up to one year of technical training, certification, and / or vocational classes or course work in a specialized area is required.  An equivalent combination of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Experience: Requires at least two years general demonstrated experience and knowledge in one of the mechanical, building, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, or maintenance trades. 

Skills: Requires mechanical aptitude. Skill in small hand and power tools, mechanical equipment and materials applicable to one of the mechanical trades is required. Ability to read wiring diagrams, blueprints, and schematics is preferred. Computer literacy, sufficient for utilizing the CMMS application on the assigned mobile device or knowledge in other skill related computer software application is preferred. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Must be able to lift and carry materials and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds on a frequent basis; prolonged standing and frequent bending, stooping, and reaching on a daily basis. Requires a full range of physical motion in order to operate manual and electrically-powered tools and mechanical shop equipment. Must be able to move throughout campus, including climbing stairs, ladders, and the use of scissor or boom lifts in all University buildings, to perform maintenance work. Work is performed indoors and out-of-doors, occasionally in environments that are dusty, noisy, or which could have work hazards. Will be required to respond to after-hours emergencies and mandatory overtime.

License: A valid driver’s license is required.

Other: The scope of the position requires exposure to and use of chemicals, solvents, cleaners, and lubricants common to mechanical work that may be hazardous and/or cause injury if specific instructions regarding their mixture, use, and disposal/storage are not properly followed. Must be able to read sufficiently to understand written work orders and instructions as well as directions for the proper mixture, use, and disposal/storage of cleaners, solvents, paints, and similar products used in mechanical services.


1. Performs semi-skilled preventative and routine maintenance work using hand and power tools and following established procedures, by replacing defective electrical switches and similar non-complex electrical fixtures such as light bulbs, fuses, and fluorescent ballasts; performs painting as assigned

2. Performs maintenance work on HVAC systems by replacing filters, belts, aligning pulleys, cleaning coils and enclosures.

3. Performs maintenance on steam related components such as testing and repairing steam traps, cleaning shell and tube heat exchangers or tube bundles.

4. Maintains plumbing fixtures by clearing blocked drains, replacing batteries on sensor fixtures, replacing filters in bottle fillers and drinking fountains.

5. Performs periodic roof maintenance inspections, cleans gutters, drains while documenting deficiencies and communicating findings with appropriate supervisor.

6. Performs maintenance on compressed air systems by changing oil, filters, and belts on air compressors and maintaining refrigerated and non-refrigerated air dryer systems.

7. Maintains in-line and base mounted pumps by performing inspections, replacing couplings, bearings, and performing pump shaft alignments, cooling towers by cleaning fills, sumps, and lubricating system components.

8. Assists the assigned supervisor by gathering equipment data or performing equipment audits for newly built or renovated facilities.

9. Assists documenting the cost of repairs by ensuring labor hours are charged appropriately on the mobile device utilizing the CMMS on the assigned mobile device; Provides periodic status reports to supervisor regarding open work orders. Additionally ensures communication with customer in regard to assigned open work orders. 

10. Protects University property and equipment from damage during repair work by removing furniture, wall fixtures, and equipment from work sites if possible or covering immovable items with protective cloths, covering floors with cloths or tarpaulins.

11. Returns work sites to a usable condition at the completion of repair work by cleaning work areas, removing debris, and used materials, disposing of waste, and salvaging leftover materials.

12. Minimizes institutional liability regarding the University's compliance with federal regulations by complying with policies, laws and regulations governing environmental protection, safety, hazardous waste disposal and the use of chemical substances and materials.

13 Performs preventive maintenance of mechanical tools and equipment by spot checking equipment to determine their working condition, oiling moving parts, cleaning and servicing tools and equipment as directed or specified in the operator's manual, and returning damaged tools and equipment for repair or replacement.

14. Contributes to an accident-free work environment by complying with operator's instructions for the use of power tools, wearing protective gear such as goggles, hearing protectors, back supports, and work gloves, reporting incidents of unsafe work activity to supervisors, and following standard safety precautions during work.

15. Focuses on customer needs and customer satisfaction, projects a positive customer service environment to both internal and external customers, and promotes and encourages an attitude of exemplary customer service and high integrity to all of the staff within the department.

16. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

17. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, and attending professional development course, training meetings, and other courses as assigned.

18. Contributes to the overall success of the department by performing other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Maintenance Technician I (Preventative) is supervised by an assigned supervisor in the department and does not exercise supervision of others.