8732 Maintenance Foreman, Mountain Grove


TITLE Maintenance Foreman, Mountain Grove






The Maintenance Foreman at Mountain Grove oversees the provision of custodial and grounds services, performs security services, and performs skilled work in the installation, operation, maintenance, modification, service and repair of mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and structural systems.  The Maintenance Foreman uses hand and power tools and precision measuring and testing devices, remodels existed structures according to work orders and performs routine carpentry, painting, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.  The Maintenance Foreman at Mountain Grove also evaluates the need for automotive services and repairs on University vehicles, groundskeeping equipment, and farm machinery.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent plus completion of a technical training program in mechanical maintenance or apprenticeship in a mechanical maintenance trade is required.  However, significant work experience beyond that required for the position may be substituted for the required technical training or apprenticeship.

Experience: At least six years of progressively responsible experience is required in the installation, repair, and maintenance or an apprenticeship in a mechanical maintenance trade is required.  However, significant work experience beyond that required for the position may be substituted for the required technical training or apprenticeship.

Skills: Must be highly skilled in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, as well as skills in plumbing.  Skills in the proper use of test equipment, hand and power tools, diagnosing and trouble-shooting equipment malfunctions and system failures is required.  The ability to maintain farm and grounds keeping equipment is required.  Management and administrative skills, particularly the ability to analyze, organize, plan, and delegate is required.    Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills are required.  Computer literacy is required.  The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Must be able to lift and transport materials and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds on a frequent basis and up to 100 pounds on an occasional basis; prolonged standing and frequent bending, stooping, and reaching on a daily basis; and working in confined spaces. Requires a full range of physical motion in order to operate manual and electrically powered tools and electrical test equipment, to move throughout campus, including climbing stairs in all University buildings, and to work at heights.  Work is performed indoors and out-of-doors, occasionally in environments that are dusty, noisy, or which have work hazards.  This position must be accessible and available in the event of an emergency or when needed to meet University needs. Some positions in this job classification (job title) are designated as essential employees who must report to work as scheduled when the University offices are closed due to severe weather.  The supervisor will communicate whether the particular position is considered essential and under what situations.

License: A valid driver’s license is required.  Certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for universal handling of Type I, Type II, and Type III refrigerants is preferred.



1. Assists the Facilities Manager in ensuring that all facilities are structurally sound, operational, efficient, clean, safe, and attractive by planning, scheduling, overseeing and/or performing daily and weekly assigned maintenance, custodial, and grounds keeping activities.

2. Performs skilled mechanical maintenance work in the installation, operation, maintenance, modification, service and repair of electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration control systems by inspecting and testing elements of those systems to locate and diagnose faults and malfunctions, troubleshooting and/or performing required repairs using hand and power tools and precision measuring and testing devices, and providing an estimate of repair (and/or replacement) costs beyond the capability to perform.

3. Assure the proper operation of a wide variety of mechanical machines and devices including pumps, engines, motors, conveyors, compressors, and laboratory equipment by observing mechanical machines in operation and listening to them to locate the source of malfunctions, lubricating and cleaning mechanical machines, dismantling the machines in order to repair or replace inoperative parts such as belts, fans, motors, and pumps, and adjusting the machines to prescribed operating standards or performance rates.

4. Oversees the activities of full time and temporary Custodians and Groundskeepers by following established guidelines, policies, and procedures.

5. Ensures that custodial and grounds services meet the needs of the campus and are in compliance with established guidelines by scheduling work activities, and adjusting workloads to compensate for scheduled and unscheduled absences, changing priorities, and special projects.

6. Enforces University and departmental rules and policies regarding employee conduct by advising personnel of the rules and policies regarding employee conduct and recommending progressive disciplinary action to management as necessary.

7. Ensures that custodial and grounds staff have the equipment and supplies necessary to perform their duties by issuing supplies as needed, completing request forms for replacement items, storing the supplies and equipment in a secure storage facility, and evaluating new custodial and grounds supplies and equipment by conducting testing of such items and recommending the appropriateness of their use.

8. Ensures that administrative records and reports regarding custodial and grounds staff are accurate and current by reviewing employee time-cards or monthly time sheets and monitoring employee absences.

9. Helps to ensure the security of the University property by properly securing all buildings and checking the operation of security lighting and the security system.

10. Helps to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations by following University guidelines in maintaining Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

11. Performs routine carpentry work using hand and power tools by repairing doors, windows, window frames, floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, and office furniture, installing finished hardware such as door locks, hinges, door checks, installing floor coverings such as linoleum tile, constructing minor buildings or small additions to existing structures, making minor roofing repairs and doing concrete work.

12. Remodels existing structures according to work orders by inspecting the work site to determine the materials, equipment, tool requirements, and method to be used; developing a plan or lay out for the project or following a blueprint, sketch or schematic; assembling, fabricating or building and installing materials, equipment, or fixtures as required by the scope of the work.

13. Performs basic electrical work by replacing faulty switches, sockets, plugs, fuses, breakers, insulators and other simple elements of electrical systems, fixtures and equipment, installing new conduit, wiring, and electrical machinery, inspecting and testing electrical lighting, power circuits, and installations, and providing an estimate of repair or replacement costs beyond the capability to perform.

14. Performs routine painting work in the preparation, patching, finishing, and maintaining of all building structures, walls, woodwork, furniture, and equipment by inspecting the work site to determine the materials, equipment, tools, and method to be used; following a plan, lay out, sketch, or schematic for the project or an established color scheme; mixing and matching pigments, stains, or varnishes to the required color, tint and/or texture; assembling, or building and installing scaffolding, materials, and equipment as required by the scope of work; and using paint brushes, rollers, and/or sprayers, sandpaper, sanders, steel wool, wire brushes, and related painting tools.

15. Performs basic plumbing work by repairing existing plumbing, replacing washers in valves, installing plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, water heaters, and connecting them to outlet and inlet pipes by fitting with gaskets, couplings, traps, and valves, and soldering connections to seal joints, and opening clogged drains and stopped-up toilets.

16. Ensures that the University vehicles, grounds keeping equipment, and farm machinery at Mountain Grove are operational and support the needs of the Research Campus by logging use, checking condition, and scheduling or arranging for automotive maintenance repairs, and/or services to be performed by contract services.

17. Performs or arranges for, and documents preventive maintenance on Research Campus vehicles, machinery, and equipment by following manufacturers’ recommendations regarding tune-ups, lubrications, oil and filter changes, adjusting or changing belts and hoses, and sharpening or replacing blades on mowers, tillers, and similar Research Campus machinery and equipment.

18. Promotes preventive maintenance as a strategy in maintaining University electrical, mechanical, control, and plumbing systems by using the campus CMMS, collaborating with the Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, assisting in the development and monitoring of preventive maintenance programs, keeping accurate records on all equipment indicating all repairs/breakdowns, required and performed maintenance, performing spot checks of equipment to determine its working condition, and performing and/or directing periodic cleaning and servicing of tools and test equipment.

19. Reduces the need for contract maintenance services of Research Campus automotive equipment and farm machinery by troubleshooting and repairing (within capabilities) and a variety of equipment, automotive and truck problems including electrical systems, brakes, carburetors, engine compression, clutch and transmission, injectors, differentials, pumps, hydraulic and power take-off operations.

20.  Assists the Facilities Manager with ensuring that contracted maintenance services meet specified results and/or work orders thus minimizing future operational problems by observing (spot checking) the work performed and advising management when contracted services fail to meet specifications or endanger University property or lives.

21.  Ensures that Research Campus automotive equipment and farm machinery requiring major maintenance services or repairs receive those services by determining the extent of services or repairs required and arranging with other University or contract maintenance shops for services or repairs beyond the capability to perform or that are too costly (i.e., time and money) to be performed in-house.

22. Assists with documenting the cost of maintenance repairs and services using CMMS, documenting time and materials to be charged to each job and providing periodic status reports to the Facilities Manager.

23. Minimizes institutional liability regarding the University’s compliance with federal regulations by complying with policies, laws and regulations governing environmental protection, hazardous waste disposal and the use of chemical substances and materials.

24. Reduces the likelihood of a significant disruption of mechanical services (i.e. heating, cooling, plumbing, electricity) to the Research Campus and assures around-the-clock responsiveness to mechanical failures or emergency situations.

25. Contributes to an accident-free work environment by enforcing compliance with operator’s instructions for the use of power tools, requiring workers wear protective gear such as goggles, hearing protectors, back supports, and work gloves, taking corrective action regarding incidents of unsafe work activity, and enforcing the use of standard safety precautions during work.

26. Provides input to Facilities Manager on ADPs for assigned subordinates.

27. Attends regular departmental meetings and ensures pertinent information is communicated to subordinates in regularly scheduled meetings.

28. Maintains confidentiality regarding personnel issues, hiring actions, employee evaluations, and other information that requires confidentiality.

29.  Works with building coordinators and occupants to ensure their needs are met and facilities are maintained in a clean, sanitary, safe, and efficient manner.

30.  Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

31. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, participating in professional development seminars, and attending training and/or courses as assigned by the Facilities Manager.

32. Contributes to the overall success of Facilities Management and the Mountain Grove Research Campus by performing other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Maintenance Foreman at Mountain Grove reports to the Facilities Manager and receives work assignments via campus CMMS.  The Maintenance Foreman supervises custodial and grounds full time, temporary, or student workers.