8029 Custodian/Equipment Maintenance Specialist


TITLE Custodian/Equipment Maintenance Specialist





MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Assistant Director, PSU – Facilities and Operations


The Custodian/Equipment Maintenance Specialist performs specialized custodial services for PSU, such as maintenance and repair of custodial equipment, floor cleaning and finishing, carpet and upholstery maintenance, cleaning and maintaining building furnishings, and performing regular custodial services following established procedures and guidelines in the cleaning of lounge areas, hallways, meeting rooms, dining rooms, the food court, offices, lavatories and restrooms, and associated areas using manual tools and electrically-powered machines. The Custodian/Equipment Maintenance Specialist moves furniture and equipment for cleaning or for special events which may require carrying and erecting tables, chairs, stages, podiums, sound shells, and similar items indoors and out-of-doors. The work performed by Custodian/Equipment Maintenance Specialist includes the removal of snow and/or ice from exterior entrances, walkways, and sidewalks.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Experience: At least one year of experience in custodial services at the University is required, during which time a good work history was demonstrated, including above average scores overall on performance evaluations, an above average attendance record with no unexcused absences over the previous year, and no disciplinary actions within the previous year.

Skills: Knowledge of equipment maintenance beyond the knowledge expected of a Custodian I is required. Preference will be given to individuals with demonstrated skill in two or more areas of custodial work including but not limited to: hard flooring, carpet and upholstery care, laundry operations, management/supervisory, biohazard/flood, or mold and odor removal techniques. Effective verbal and written communication skills are required. The ability to work cooperatively with staff, faculty, students, and supervisors is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

License: A valid Missouri driver’s license is required.

Effort: The nature of the position requires the ability to lift and transport custodial supplies and equipment weighing up to 75 pounds on a frequent basis and up to 100 pounds on an occasional basis, prolonged walking or standing and frequent bending, stooping, and reaching on a daily basis. This position operates manual and electrically-powered cleaning equipment and machines to include snow shovels. The nature of the work requires the ability to access areas that may only be accessible by climbing ladders or stairs, bending, reaching on top of partitions, cabinets, bookcases and ledges, moving furniture, supplies, equipment, or office machines. Work is performed indoors and out-of-doors. Employees in this job classification (job title) are designated as essential employees and must report to work as scheduled when University offices are closed due to severe weather.

Other: The scope of the job requires exposure to and use of chemical compounds for cleaning, regulated waste, recyclables, and potentially bio-hazardous waste which may be hazardous and/or cause injury if specific instructions regarding their mixture, application and use are not properly followed. On occasion, the work environment may be dusty.


1. Maintains and performs minor repairs, such as rewiring, cleaning, checking batteries, flipping and installing squeegees, etc., on custodial equipment such as vacuums, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, etc.

2. Researches sources and specifications to order parts for equipment repair and maintenance.

3. Performs specialized custodial services such as floor cleaning and finishing, carpet and upholstery maintenance, cleaning building furnishings, and/or other procedures using specialty cleaning chemicals.

4. Provides continuity of custodial services during personnel absences or under emergency conditions by performing custodial duties to cover areas without custodial support or directly related to the emergency conditions or as the situation dictates.

5. Performs flooring cleaning and finishing procedures on a variety of flooring materials using both standard and specialty chemicals and methods as well as regular, scheduled, and directed floor and stairs maintenance by using manual tools and equipment or operating powered floor machines to sweep, vacuum, and mop floors and stairs, and strip and wax floors according to prescribed guidelines or specific directions.

6. Performs regular, scheduled, and directed carpet and upholstery maintenance by using manual tools and equipment or operating powered carpet extractors, shampooers, vacuums, back pack vacuums, and upholstery tools according to prescribed guidelines or specific directions as well as spot and stain removal on a variety of upholstery or carpeting materials using specialty chemicals and treatment methods.

7. Uses knowledge of special cleanup methods involved with flood restoration, odor removal, and biohazard situations to respond to emergency situations that may cause property damage, personal injury or both such as water leaks, flooding, overflowing restroom fixtures, accidents resulting in the appearance of bodily fluids (blood, vomitus, waste, urine), broken window and door glass, by following the procedures prescribed for handling each emergency situation within the capability to respond.

8. Cleans building furnishings (which may require limited moving of those furnishings) within assigned area by dusting, washing, and/or polishing office furniture and equipment such as desks, chairs, tables, word processing cabinets, bookcases, file cabinets, end tables, lamps, handrails, heat and air conditioning registers, trophy cases, ash stands, and similar fixtures.

9. Uses a knowledge of various construction materials, appropriate cleaning methods, knowledge of general and specialty cleaning chemicals, and the appropriate use of potentially hazardous materials to ensure that lavatories and restrooms are clean and sanitary, following prescribed procedures for sweeping, washing and/or scrubbing the restrooms, using specific chemicals for foaming and/or disinfecting facilities, restocking all appropriate paper products, refilling soap dispensers, replacing sanitary disposal liners, and removing all trash and waste products from lavatories and restrooms.

10. Washes all interior and lower level exterior glass, including windows, mirrors, and door glass by using pressure washers, foaming equipment, glass cleaners, squeegees, and paper wipes according to prescribed guidelines or specific directions for use of the cleaners.

11. Removes all trash from assigned areas by collecting trash from tables, various trash containers and receptacles, transporting the trash to designated outside trash dumpsters, and emptying the trash into the dumpsters.

12. Removes all recyclable materials from assigned areas by collecting the recyclable materials from the various labeled containers, transporting the recyclable materials to designated outside recycling dumpsters, and emptying the recyclable materials into the dumpster, ensuring that the dumpster is locked after dumping.

13. Uses cleaning chemicals properly and safely by wearing prescribed protective clothing, masks, and/or rubber gloves and boots, following either written or verbal directions for mixing chemical compounds according to specifications, applying the cleaning chemicals properly on surfaces or items designated for their use, and disposing of residual chemical products as directed or storing and labeling them for future use.

14. Picks up cleaning supplies from the custodial storeroom or from commercial vendors for immediate or future use by manually lifting the cleaning supplies and carrying and/or transporting them using a two-wheel hand truck/cart (or vehicle) to the designated storage facility.

15. Prepares meeting rooms, auditoriums, arenas and outdoor locations for special events and activities by moving existing furniture and tarping floors (if necessary), and setting up (erecting) equipment, tables, chairs, portable steps, stages, podiums, curtains, sound shells, and other specifically requested items following set-up plans, diagrams, or verbal instructions.

16. Assists in preventing accidents resulting from snow or ice covered walkways by shoveling or sweeping snow or ice from sidewalks and entrances and spreading salt, sand or chemicals within the assigned area.

17. Performs a measure of building and facilities security by checking assigned areas, buildings, and facilities for safety and security, locking designated office and work areas, and notifying proper authorities when security of the assigned building or facilities is in jeopardy.

18. Reports damage to buildings, facilities, furnishings and equipment, as well as emergency conditions beyond the capability to handle by contacting either the immediate supervisor or (if not available) the Office of Public Safety immediately upon discovery, and describing the specific conditions.

19. Uses knowledge of light bulb types, appropriate replacement, and disposal procedures involved to replace light bulbs in interior building settings using ladders, lifts, or other tools required to complete the operation.

20. May clean outdoor entryways, loading docks or areas around dumpsters requiring both hand tools including shovels or rakes as well as power equipment such as scrubbers or pressure washers.

21. May assist the Custodial Supervisor with training of individuals or small groups of employees, such as showing how a piece of equipment works or instructing student workers how to clean windows.

22. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

23. Contributes to the overall success of the PSU by performing other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Custodial/Equipment Maintenance Specialist, Plaster Student Union is supervised by the Custodial Supervisor or other designated departmental employee.