6035 Coordinator, Simulation Center


TITLE Coordinator, Simulation Center - MCHHS




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Information Technology and Operations - MCHHS


The Coordinator, Simulation Center is responsible for directing the daily operations for the MCHHS Simulation Center. The Coordinator will be accountable for simulation event preparation, simulator operation, set up/break down of simulation events, community outreach, scheduling, multimedia peripherals, and provide overall simulation center direction and management. The Coordinator will oversee the supervision and training of the standardized patients (SP) program while providing staff training, development, and feedback on performances during simulation. SP training will be in coordination with each department using the Simulation Center and their curricular needs. The Simulation Coordinator will oversee the preparation, inventory, operation, and maintenance of all simulation equipment and collaborates with faculty to design, plan, schedule, and implement all simulation activities. This position will work with faculty to help ensure adherence to discipline specific policies, learning objectives and outcomes, and current simulation best practice and safety measures.


Education: Associate degree is required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Experience:  At least 2 years of management, leadership or supervisory experience required. Demonstrated experience and understanding of proper lab procedures for safety of self and of others is required.

Skills: Ability to operate a fully functioning simulation center which includes the responsibility of coordinating efforts with staff and faculty.  Confirmed training and performance experience documenting the review of all Standardized Patients. (SP’s)  Ability to work alongside trained IT staff to ensure the smooth operation of simulation technologies and applications. A working knowledge of computer hardware equipment and software applications relevant to simulator functions. Knowledge of audio/video equipment and software for recording. Proficiency in MS software applications is preferred.  Ability to learn new software and hardware, as well as to assess, troubleshoot and fix equipment failures in a timely fashion. Ability to work well under pressure, set priorities and make critical decisions. Able to maintain confidentiality regarding job assignments and sensitive issues. Ability to work with internal and external individuals from different disciplines and different levels of training. Strong written and verbal communication skills is required. Self-motivated, ability to work as a team member in a dynamic environment: able to work occasional evening/weekends. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

 Effort: Work requires occasional physical lifting of equipment (up to 50lbs) and management/utilization of advanced medical devices. Frequent standing when working events and walking may be required. The ability to maneuver (i/e/., move, push, pull) hospital beds and large/heavy medical devices may also be required.

Other: Occasionally requires working outside normal office hours.


1. Develops, supports, and facilitates all MCHHS Simulation events for Missouri State University departments, including development of simulation component for staff and student competency training by participating in faculty and department meetings and assisting with development and implementation of simulation experiences.

2. Communicates in a positive, professional manner with administrators, faculty instructors, staff, students, and other users of the Simulation Center and participating in faculty and department meetings and assisting with development and implementation of simulation experiences, as needed.

3. Serves as a simulator operator by building, testing, and running scenarios, assuring the facility and equipment is set up for training sessions with department specific curricular input from faculty.

4. Schedules and conducts training and provides technical support for computer-based recording system for Simulation Center and supports learning activities and ensures compliance with simulation center policies to prevent scheduling conflicts.

5. Leads, supervises, and schedules all simulation center staff; provides orientation and training to new staff; coordinates training for all users of the simulation laboratory, including faculty; and demonstrates and encourages a positive work environment.

6. Coordinates and conducts routine meetings with simulation staff to ensure simulator maintenance, inventory updates, and recommend equipment purchases.

7. Manages and maintains functionality of the simulation center during peak times and down times.

8. Communicates effectively with all simulation laboratory educators, administrative staff, and technical support staff, including advising and monitoring department specific uses of Simulation resources.

9. Coordinates and oversees Simulation Center marketing and information management.

10. Coordinates, maintains, recruits and trains Standardized Patients (SPs) program.

11. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

12. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as directed by the supervisor.

13. Contributes to the overall success of the Simulation Center by performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Coordinator, Simulation Center,  supervises the day-to-day work of the Simulator Technician, and other part-time staff and student employees.