5582 Customer Service Manager


TITLE Customer Service Manager




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of the Bookstore


The Customer Service Manager manages, supervises, and carries out all aspects of the customer service and register areas of the University Bookstore, including point-of-purchase, customer relations, and daily buyback. The Customer Service Manager responds to and resolves customer complaints and ensures quality service is given to each customer.  The Customer Service Manager conducts all cashier training for full-time, part-time, student and temporary staff and serves as the administrative supervisor for all student employees, The Customer Service Manager assures the smooth operation of the physical facilities of the University Bookstore, works with Facilities Management to arrange for necessary maintenance as needed, and ensures that the facilities are well presented and maintained at all times.  The Customer Service Manager assumes all responsibilities for store operations when scheduled as Manager on Duty for opening or closing on weekends or during special store events.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree is required.

Experience: At least two years of experience in a responsible retail position is required.

Skills: Demonstrated supervisory and administrative ability is required.  Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills are required.  Above average proficiency in computerized point-of-sale and inventory control systems is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. A solid knowledge of computer information systems and a basic understanding of hardware maintenance is preferred.

Effort: This position works on the sales floor and at the checkout counter for extended periods of time.  This position occasionally lifts and moves heavy and/or bulky materials and equipment, may climb ladders up to eight feet to access merchandise, and accesses materials or equipment stored on lower shelves or in lower cabinets/drawers.


1. Manages, supervises, and carries out all customer service and cashiering tasks
of the University Bookstore by overseeing point-of-purchase, returns/exchanges,
customer relations, telephone answering, assistance and operation of cash registers,
and daily buyback transactions.

2. Provides consistent presence at the front counter and on the sales floor to help with
customer service operations and offers technical and procedural assistance to
cashiering staff.

3. Works from the workstation in the customer service area with a dedicated computer
and phone line that is not shared with cashiers and customer service staff.

4. Ensures the efficient and effective operation of the University Bookstore by
understanding all facets of bookstore operations, assigning customer service staff to meet the customer and business, supervising customer service staff, responding to and resolving customer complaints, responding to store emergencies, and resolving disruption of services.

5. Works closely with Bookstore information technology staff to set up register operations for textbook rush and other special bookstore events.

6. Ensures that Bookstore procedures and policies are followed.

7. Improves service, increases profitability, and meets University needs by developing or revising customer service-related policies and procedures as necessary.

8. Serves as administrative supervisor for all student employees and works closely with their departmental supervisors by overseeing the student hiring process, conducting onboarding, conducting initial training on bookstore policies, procedures, and customer service, overseeing and publishing work schedules, helping to enforce bookstore policies, and serving as a general point of contact for all student workers regarding storewide employment questions or concerns.

9. Develops, maintains, and updates the Student Employee Manual.

10. Schedules part-time, temporary, and student cashiers and customer service staff in collaboration with departmental supervisors where appropriate.

11. Assumes responsibility for all cashier/register and customer service training, provides general register/cashier training to all student employees regardless of hiring department, provides in-depth register/cashier, customer service, and basic Visual Ratex training for all student and part-time cashiers so they are full proficient in all front-counter tasks, provides cross-training for full-time and part-time staff on registers, provides training to temporary cashiering staff for rush periods, and develops, maintains, and updates the Bookstore Customer Service and Cashiering Manual.

12. Serves as the informational point of contact for the Textbook Reservation, Buyback, and Rental Programs by answering questions and providing information on these processes to customers.

13. Ensures University Bookstore policies regarding refunds, buybacks, gift cards, cash management, and student and temporary cashiers are enforced.

14. Promotes a positive image of the University Bookstore by maintaining continuously
attractive and convenient facilities, including general cleanliness of all areas, an aesthetic exterior, and customer-friendly and efficiently arranged register counters and customer service area.

15. Promotes a positive and productive faculty/staff/student relationship through
effective communication and management.

16. Performs all operational tasks when scheduled as Manager on Duty for opening
and closing, weekends, and special events, including reconciliation of the money
drawer and tabulation of daily receipts.

17. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
18. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Director of the Bookstore.

19. Supports the continued success of the University Bookstore by performing all other duties assigned.


The Customer Service Manager is supervised by the Director of the Bookstore and supervises the Convenience Store Supervisor and part-time, temporary, and student employees.